Teaching by example

September 22, 2007
By running I secretly hope to teach by example. I mean, having a mom who goes for a run every day has got to set a certain standard, doesn't it?

I'd like to give them running as a gift. A means to battle the blues, a means to gain selfconfidence and inner balance. A free method to find yourself. Yes, it's certainly one of my better gifts! If I do say so myself.

And sadly I do have to say it myself, because nobody else will. When I asked my daughter Maartje the other day: 'Hey Maartje, are you gonna be just as good as me? You know, running every other day, and being very happy and healthy?'. (presentation is everything!)

'No', she declared firmly, 'because I think running is Stupid.'

So I ran another block, just to show Maartje how well I cope with disappointments.

As a gift.

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