The process of running

January 07, 2008
The problem with a 45 minute run is that you can't do it any faster. It's about the process, not the speed. You'll never hear a proud runner proudly say: 'Today I ran my 30 minute run in just 15 minutes!'

In a way this knowledge brings me a kind of sweet peace. As a mom, I'm often rushed, trying to get the kids to school on time, getting dinner on the table and my work done. I speed through my day like a modern Speedy Gonzalez, always on the go, always going somewhere. But sometimes going nowhere.

An endurance run puts an end to my hastiness. I start out rushed, but halfway through I realize there's no point in rushing. The results are in the process of running.

This is a lesson that applies to motherhood too.

You can't rush of hasten motherhood either. You can try of course, but your children's growth doesn't care about rushing moms. Children grow in their own time. It's about the process.

And if the process drives you crazy, just go for a long run!

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