February 21, 2008
I've had a revelation, also know as an open-door-experience, or simply put: 'Duh!-moment'

When I read my trainingschedule for the 10 kilometer I was amused. Those people at myasics obviously didn't know who they were dealing with! To run three minutes , walk two, repeat 8 times? I could do that five years ago! I was breathing quite heavily, but I did it.

But anyway, you have to give people a chance so I decided to follow the schedule. And while I ran, in my mind I wrote the asics people a kind letter, letting them know their schedules were very misguided. Hey, they might even be thankful for this information and reward me with some nice new shoes! A girl can dream, right?

So disdainfully I ran my three minutes, walked two en repeated the process. Imagine my amazement when I found I'd never covered more miles. In the pleasant knowledge I would be able to rest in just three minutes I ran much faster.

I have a new found respect for the people at asics.
And some new found disdain for my normal speed.

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