Whip you body and kids into shape!

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Running and raising kids have a lot in common. Just like you whip your body into shape by running, you whip your children into shape by educating and raising them.

I have, for example, decided to train for the 10 kilometer. And just like a child protests agains the demands you make on it, so my body moans and groans when I make it run more miles. It protests with tired muscles and responds slowly. But in the end it adjusts! My body becomes lean and mean, a real running machine! And the moans and groans become shouts of joy.

The same thing applies to raising your kids. Let me give you an example: I've decided that, in the future, my kids can make their own beds. And just like my body they moan and groan and respond with resistance. But slowly and surely they'll adapt and soon making their bed will be a normal part of their routine.

Whether it's raising kids, or training for the New York marathon: you'll succeed in the long run!


  1. Your blog is great, Nicole! I'd love to be interviewed for your portraits, so send me an email to kristina.pinto@gmail.com and we can take it from there--thanks!

  2. Kristina - this might require a visit to the Netherlands. I'm already doing google searches on great races in the Netherlands! Of course I might need to accompany you on this trip...