When does running get easier?

I've often wondered when running will get easier. I 'm kinda waiting for this magic moment when I'll lace up and breeze out the door, effortlessly cranking out a ten miler.

Nevertheless: even though it hasn't gotten all that much easier yet, I can now run much further and much faster then I could seven years ago! Back then I'ld barely make it around the corner without collapsing in a teary, sweaty heap of misery, and now I can run for an hour without blinking.

Although not without some cussing.

As usual running is a lot like mothering. I also thought mothering would get easier over time, but it hasn't. To be honest I find it as difficult now as thirteen years ago when I was a new, dewey-eyed mommy.

But just like with running I have learned a lot, and I'ld like to believe I have improved.

So even though both running and mothering don't get easier, as a runner and as a mom yóú get better at it!
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  1. Sometimes it is not about the destination, but the journey itself that is worth the effort. Each time I exercise, I have an excuse in my head for not doing it. I find that I like myself better if I stick with my workout routine. Like you said, it get easier to just ignore that whining part of me and just get on with the workout.

  2. Good Analogy! I have been really lazy about running lately but now that the weather is cooling down I want to start up again. I love to witness the progress my body makes day after day. I miss that.