Running Green

November 13, 2008
This week's meme at Runners Lounge is running green.

I must admit, when I think of running green I imagine myself running green around the gills. And that's not a good thing, is it?! It implies projectile vomiting and all kinds of nasty things. So let's move on shall we?

Running green, hm... Of course! Running is enviromentally healthy isn't it? So it's green. Although, when you think about it, I'm not sure whether the coolmax fabrics and high tech shoes are all that green. So maybe not enviromentally healthy then. I'm thinking, thinking... I know!

Running green is running through a green forest. There you have it. Can't fault that! Nature is green, therefore when you run through nature you're running green.

So here I am, running green around the gills in my coolmax top, wearing my high tech shoes, through a green forest.

You can't run any greener than that!


  1. "You can't run any greener than that!"

    The only way to be greener is to do it on St Patrick's Day, here in the "Evergreen" state!


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