Running on music

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
The urge to move to music is as old as ehm... dancing! People have been dancing to music since the days men wore bear skins and took their women home by their hair.

Unfortunately for those who are step-challenged many dances involve intricate patterns. You can easily identify the challenged ones because they're always juuust a little too late doing a step. I'm sorry to admit I'm one of those sad people.

Enter running! The only step you have to know is one foot in front of the other and there you go! Running to music brings me joy and a big smile on my face when I listen to the lyrics. Sometimes I have to laugh outloud, like with the song 'Grandma got run over by a reindeer'.

Running is a fabulous, not to mention cheap, way to move to music.


  1. Yes, but sometimes I get the urge to dance, and that's embarrassing! :-)

  2. Want to share your playlist with us? I'm always looking for good songs to work out to.