Sunday, August 15, 2010

Runner's Monologue

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'I'm not going out for a run today! Definitely not. So don't you go and think I'll change my mind. Because I won't. I went for a run yesterday, and the day before that, and I feel this funny stitch in my back.

So obviously it would be best to skip today! You really should give your body a chance to recover, that's what I like to say. Besides, my knee feels funny to. I'm definitely not going out for a run today. It's even raining! Now normally I don't mind a bit of rain, but it does get you wet. And there's so much to do in the house, I don't even have time to go out for a run!


'Honey, would you please clean up the breakfast table, while I go and change into my running clothes? I think I'll go for a run.

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  1. Wow! It's like you pulled this from my own brain!