Trampolines: great for kids and runners!

We recently got ourselves a trampoline! Finally!

I've wanted one for years, because I always hear parents saying how their kids love playing on the trampoline, and how they never get tired of jumping up and down.

And trampolines are great for runners too: they provide a nice work out! If you want one too, Tesco Direct offers great trampolines in all shapes and sizes.

As a mom I'm very much aware of the need for physical movement in order for my kids to stay healthy. So I always worry about how much time they spend behind their computer, Wii, and Nintendo etc. But when they're playing on the trampoline, I don't have to worry about lack of exertion! Trampolines actually offer me peace of mind!

Only one word of advice: if you've had several kids, be sure to use the bathroom before you start jumping...
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