Barehead running

running with a capThere’s this whole movement out there of people who like to run barefoot. But what about barehéad running?

I live in a climate where temperatures máy rise to 95 Fahrenheit during Summer, and in winter they may drop to -4 Fahrenheit. So I figure there’s no necessity for me to wear something on my head during my runs. But even though there’s no necessity, I’ve still pondered the question: ‘To wear a cap/hat, or nót to wear a cap/hat’.

Because a cap may look cute on me! Especially now that my hair is long enough to pull into a pony tail. I’ve always wanted one of those caps you can pull a ponytail through at the back.

My eldest son went through a brief cap-phase, and I once borrowed his cap when it was raining outside. But I missed the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair. I even missed getting my hair dripping wet. Wearing anything on my head during a run, makes me feel all hot and bothered. I miss the freedom of running bareheaded.

On they have a cap on offer that does sound great. Especially because it is ‘Fast-wicking, quick drying and highly breathable’. Those are absolute musts I think for runners.

Where do you stand as a runner on the cap thing? Do you run bareheaded or do you wear something on your head?


  1. I hate wearing caps. My head’s always been rather large (to keep my overabundant brains in place, I always assumed) so I find it hard to get one that’s comfortable. And my head gets really hot, like my brain could boil, when I’m wearing one. Strangely, though, I’ll wear one when it’s raining to keep the rain off my glasses.

  2. I can totally relate to the ‘boiling effect’! I’ ve got a lot of hair, and it gets very hot.
    They really should come up with little rain wipers for glasses.


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