Are you good at it?

When someone asks me about parenting: 'Are you good at it?' it takes me a moment to find an answer. Because ám I good at it? I'm not really sure.

My kids seem to be nice people. So I suppose that's in my favor! But I do struggle as a parent. And I often find myself thinking: 'I hope I'm doing it right!'

Are you good at… running?

But when someone asks me the same question about running, I find the answer comes easier. 'Yes!' I'll say. 'I'm not very fast, but I do run every day!'

I suppose that's the difference between running and parenting. When it comes to running you're doing well just by doing it. Like the Nike slogan says. But when it comes to parenting, doing it is only part of it.

You'll only know for sure you did a good job, when your kids turn out to be pleasant and useful citizens.

Until then, just keep running.
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