Winners of the Profoot insoles!

The great folks of Profoot offered two pairs of insoles for me to give away to two lucky readers of Mom’s Home Run.

What’s so great about these insoles you ask?!

These insoles are different from you average insole because of the layer of advanced Vita-Foam MT. This allows them to adjust to the shape of your feet, thereby creatig a custom fit to any pair of shoes. Gotta love that!

What’s the company slogan of Profoot?

In order to participate I asked you to answer the following question: ‘What’s the company slogan of Profoot?’ And the correct answer is…. ‘The Smart Choice in Footcare’. Almost everybody got it right except two. Out of the right answers I drew two winners, and their names are: Maria Balmeo and Mary Jo Dempsey.

Congratulations! You two will be walking on sunshine!

Miracle Custom Molding Insoles from Profoot

When I first put my Miracle Custom Molding Insoles in my boots, I knew that it was good. Because my inner discjockey started playing songs like: ‘I’m walking on sunshine, ohoh!’ and ‘I believe I can fly’. They made me feel lightfooted and lightweight! And the soles themselves are light too.

Two layer technology

The idea behind these insoles from Profoot is that they mold exactly to the shape of your feet, thanks to the layer of advanced Vita-Foam MT. By doing that they create a custom fit to any pair of shoes.

The bottom layer supports your feet by lifting the arch and stabilizing your heel, and is shock absorbant. It only takes these insoles 2 hours to learn the shape of your foot and adjust accordingly. I like quick learners!

Win some!

So I’m very happy to report Profoot has kindly offered two pairs of these insoles for me to give to you!

How to participate?

  1. To participate in this giveaway answer the question in the form below!
  2. And if you want to improve your chances of winning, just put a link to Mom’s Home Run in the linklist on your blog, and then leave a comment telling me you did.

Tip: visit Profootcare on Facebook! I’m sure you’ll like it!

Giveaway winner: who won the Asics Ayami Tunic?!

The winner of the cute Asics Ayami Tunic is Mandala from Adventures in Winterland!

Mandala put a link to Mom’s Home Run on her blog, which was the only requirement to participate in this giveaway.

The Asics Ayami tunic is different from your average running clothes. It’s just that little bit longer, it has a feminine touch and it’s made from great wicking material.

Mandala, I hope you’ll a post a picture of yourself wearing this great tunic on your blog! I would love to see how it looks on you!

There’s an email on its way to you, with the great news!

Prizes need to be claimed by augustus the 5th 2011