Running app: BattleSuit Runner


This is me! Wearing my spiffy suit!

I like gamification.

Gamification means applying the world of online games to sports. Gamification can spice things up quite nicely.

So I was more than willing to try out a new running app, called BattleSuit Runner.

BattleSuit Runner

The story of BattleSuit runner is this: we’ve been having trouble with some aliens for a long time. But at first we fought them in space. Alas! Then they found out where we lived. And now they’re attacking us on earth.

So naturally we need to defend ourselves. Lucikly there’s a special unit of Commandos who can take on the Xenopods. Because apparently that’s what the aliens are called. The commando’s are called Delta suit runners.

When you start the first mission you’ve just been fitted into your power armor and you’re in training. You have to run, while they check if everything’s working. But then some of those aliens attack a convoy! No more training for you. This is real. You find yourself in a shoot out with the Xenopods after only 15 minutes of running.

So that’s the story: you have to save the world from aliens, while wearing a spiffy suit.

What does it do for you as a runner?

Apart from having a story to listen to while you’re running, the GPS function plays an important role. By adjusting your pace you can actually influence the story. And the story sometimes calls for a faster pace: you have to Super Charge your armor. By running faster your suits gains more power or something.

At first I was all: ‘I’m not going to go any faster. I don’t wanna.’ But then Lieutenant Goldfoot started screaming at me, that I had to get moving, and that he wasn’t joking! And in spite of myself, I started to sprint.

So this running app is definitely a great motivational tool!

Summing up

I feel like this running app is a bit of a boy toy. It’s all about soldiers fighting and playing soldier. A bit boring… But then again, the fact that you are part of a story, and you can actually chánge the story is absolutely fantastic. As is Lieutenant Goldfoot. Because he made me run faster than I ever have before. ‘Oh Lieutenant Goldfoot! It’s never been like this for me before…’

So I’m definitely going to do the third (free) mission. Whether I’m then going to buy the rest of the missions, I’m not sure about.

Like I said, it’s very much a boy toy.

Practical information

This video explains the story and how it works superbly!

You can find more information about BattleSuit runner on the website It’s available for both Android and iPhone. It only costs 72 cents!

Video explaining BattleSuit Runner

What’s your favorite running app?

Zaggora HotPants revisited after 3 months

zaggora hotpants revisitedI started wearing the Zaggora HotPants in October 2013. Unfortunately I failed at the 14 days challenge, because I got a cold and things happened. So I did nót manage to wear the Zaggora HotPants 14 consecutive days.

However since October I have worn them A Lot! I wear them at least 4 mornings every week, when I do the school run running. I think it’s safe to say I’ve used them very regularly for about 3 months.

So, let’s see how svelte I have become, shall we?!

But here are my measurements on day one:

  • Hips 99 cm
  • Tigh  59
  • Belly Zaggora pants 88 cm
  • Butt 62
  • Weight: 59 kilo

On January 8th 2013 my measurements are:

  • Hips 98 cm
  • Tigh 58
  • Belly 72 cm (I must have measured wrong the first time)
  • Butt 61 cm
  • Weight 59 kilo

I have to admit, it does seem as though I’ve lost a few inches/cms! And I don’t even believe in pants that make your body more streamlined.

Multitasking on the run

Like I said in my first post about Zaggora HotPants: I like them whether they help me loose some inches or not. But if they do help, well, that makes me like them even more! As a mom I love to multitask. And what could be better than to go running and loose some extra inches at the same time?

I can’t think of anything.

Zaggora HotPants are a good buy

So if you’re wondering whether to buy a pair of Zaggora HotPants or not, my advice is: ‘Go for it! They’re great pants, and they do seem to help you loose some extra inches.’

Wanna know more?

Here’s the official Zaggora website.

Running belt for only 2,72: product review

running beltThe general advice is: ‘You only need to bring water during a run, if you’re going to run for an hour or more.’ Because I usually have a cup of coffee during my long runs, I seldomly take water with me. So I’ve never been particularly interested in a running belt, also know as hydration belt.

But when I saw this cheap running belt for only 2,72 I couldn’t resist. There’s no brand, and it’s simply called: ‘Sport Bidon Holder’.

Running belt: specs

  • This cheap sport bidon holder is 100% polyester.
  • The running belt can be adjusted, and the longest it can become is 107 centimeters.
  • The running belt closes with a buckle.
  • The running belt comes with two pockets: one for a bidon and one for your smartphone/money/keys etc.
  • According to the packaging the running belt can be worn in two ways: across the hips, or across the shoulder

The running belt sounds like a great product. But what’s it like during a run?

dirty harryRunning belt: Dirty Harry style

The first time I took it for a spin, I wore it around my hips. Dirty Harry style! I kept wanting to say: ‘Go ahead! Make me day.’ But I don’t suppose sporting a bidon has the same effect as a gun.

When I started running, that stupid bidon kept falling out of my holder. In hindsight, I think it was too big. So I don’t think it was the sport bidon holder’s fault. In the end I put the bidon on my butt, and that seemed to do the trick. I got home without losing the bidon again.

robin hoodRunning belt: Robin Hood style

The next day I decided to try wearing the running belt over the shoulder. Immediately I felt like Robin Hood. I wanted to grab an arrow from my shoulder pack, and shoot it straight into a tree. This time I took one of the kids school bidons, which is much smaller. That fixed the problem of the bidon falling out. But now I had another problem: the bidon kept wandering off from my right shoulder into my left armpit. Very annoying!

Summing up

I kind of like this running belt. Especially considering the price of 2,72. It’s really cheap. And if you wear it around your hips, and you use the right size bidon, it’s actually quite handy.

Running belt gallery