Motivational changes

reasons for runningI started running twelve years ago.

And during that time my motivation to run has changed. My motivation is on the move all the time.

When I first started running I did so because I was looking for some me-time. Some peace and quiet, away from my busy family life with 4 little kids. I still like that motivation. I think it’s one of the best reasons to run.

Where did the me-time go?

But ever since I started to do the school run, running I’ve lost something. Running no longer helps me gather my thoughts or find myself. It’s become time for the children. And I miss the me time running used to offer me.

But the practicality of running alongside the kids, while they ride their bikes to school is just too good to pass up.

And I know it’s only one more year.

Then running will become me time again.

Have your reasons to run changed over time?

Are you good at it?

When someone asks me about parenting: ‘Are you good at it?’ it takes me a moment to find an answer. Because ám I good at it? I’m not really sure.

My kids seem to be nice people. So I suppose that’s in my favor! But I do struggle as a parent. And I often find myself thinking: ‘I hope I’m doing it right!’

Are you good at… running?

But when someone asks me the same question about running, I find the answer comes easier. ‘Yes!’ I’ll say. ‘I’m not very fast, but I do run every day!’

I suppose that’s the difference between running and parenting. When it comes to running you’re doing well just by doing it. Like the Nike slogan says. But when it comes to parenting, doing it is only part of it.

You’ll only know for sure you did a good job, when your kids turn out to be pleasant and useful citizens.

Until then, just keep running.

I miss my Me Time

I do the school run running. It’s efficient, and it’s a great way to squeeze my run in to my day.

But there’s one big drawback: I’ve lost my private, quiet time.

Running used to be special time just for me, myself and I. A time do do something just for me. A time to NOT be the mom, and just be me.

When I take the kids to school, I’m still a mom. A mom who’s running, but a mom nonetheless. And I miss the solitude of running on my own. Especially since my two sons insist on telling me all about Pokémons and Minecraft.

And that’s where the silver lining comes in. Listening to their stories, makes me run faster.

Just so I can escape their stories.