Exploring great and new running clothes

source_8de0c7c4ed60af69bbb164549d2c303b33825d0b319cf4f9d61461050883593dRemember when Columbus discovered America? Those were the days, when there were still places where no one had gone before!

There was still something left  to discover. Nowadays we’ve pretty much got the whole world mapped out. And even if we don’t, Google does. Just take a look at Google maps. If Columbus had done that, he wouldn’t have mistaken America for India, that’s for sure.

So if everything has been discovered, is there nothing left to explore?

Explore the world and yourself by running

I think there is! Both literally and figuratively. And the best way to explore both yourself and the world is by running. Sure you can see an area on Google maps, but it’s different if you explore it on your own two feet. And there’s nothing like a run to really make you feel like you’re in touch with your inner self. Even though your inner self may turn out to be like toddler whining that she wants to go home.

The importance of being comfortable

If you go out on a run it’s really important that you’re comfortable. Because let’s face it, running can feel uncomfortable all by itself! No need to add traveling underwear to the mix. That’s why, when it comes to running clothes, I’m very much like the Princess and the pea and Goldilocks. I feel every little bump or lining, and my running clothes have to be just right!

So whenever I explore the internet, I love to discover shops that sell great running outfits. After all I may be a runner, but I’m also a woman. And I love buying new running clothes. Knowing I can wear something new on my run, really helps motivate me. A new pair of running tights add a certain frisson to my run! And so do a new pair of undies.

Boldly exploring new shops and finding The Clymb

This week I discovered a great new site called The Clymb. I love their mission statement:

Our mission is to increase the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants by inspiring human-powered adventure.

Gotta love that! They’ve got lots of great running clothes, but I went straight for their underwear. Not only did I like the colours and models, I was very much impressed by a Colosseum bra that sported a pocket in the front! It even had a zipper! How convenient is that?! It’s even better than sliced bread if you ask me.

the clymb

So after you’ve explored the world, I highly recommend you go and explore The Clymb. After all, after a run you deserve it!

This is a sponsored post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

From Mommy to Runner

superman-phone-boothAs a runner I love to hitch a ride. Not with scary strangers who wanna kill me, but with my husband. He doesn’t wanna kill me. Most of the time.

Hitching a ride when he goes for some grocery shopping is a great way to run a different route.

I smell an opportunity!

Yesterday we went to visit one of the local highschools, to see if it would suit our 12-year old son. The distance from that particular school to our home is about 5 miles. So I smelled a great running opportunity!

But how was I going to look both neat and presentable as a mom, and wear my running clothes? Because I didn’t want a big hassle of having to change my clothes. Luckily I own a simple black climacool shirt and some ditto running tights. I pulled one of my mommy skirts over my tights, and teamed it with my black shirt. Voila, I looked quite presentable. Then I put on a pair of cowboy boots, which are real easy to take off, and I was ready for the visit to the high school.

After we finished there, I exchanged my cowboy boots for my running shoes, and did a quick striptease by losing my skirt.

I turned myself from a mom into a runner faster than Clark Kent turned into Superman!

How do you combine your day to day life with running?

Shirts, tops, blouses and running

womens plaid shirts I usually prefer running clothes that look like regular clothes.

I don’t like  running gear that screams ‘I’m a runner‘. Like tops with lots of stripes on them. And the same thing goes for running tights. I prefer mine plain black.

Running shirts and daily life shirts

What I look for in a running shirt is a lot like what I look for in a shirt for my daily life. A flattering cut, not too fussy and made out of a fabric that let’s my body breathe.  I would love some Womens plaid shirts for Christmas for example. The only thing different between running tops and daily life shirts is that I like my running tops made from man made fibre like microfibre.  Whereas I like my ‘normal’ tops, blouses and shirts to be all natural. Like cotton.

Cotton tops got a bad rap

But cotton tops and shirts have got a bad rap among runners. Because even though it allows your skin to breathe, it soaks up all the sweat. And then it just stays there. In the fabric of your top. And that’s neither healthy nor pleasant. Which is why they invented climacool and wicked ‘wicking’ fabrics for running tops and shirts.

I wonder if regular clothes will be made from wicking fabrics in the future. I think I would buy them. If they’re suitable for working up a sweat, surely they’re suitable for some serious parenting!

Runner’s identity and outfit

But sometimes I wonder if my preference not to look too much like a runner isn’t because I still feel like I’m a bit of a fraud? Like I would be putting on airs if I decked myself out in ‘real’ running clothes?

Maybe next time I go shopping for a running shirt or top I should go for some serious stripes!