Trends in running: Luggage Running ; )

I like spotting new running trends! Here are a few that caught my eye:

  • Runners who knit while running a marathon.
  • Runners who juggle while running, also known as ‘jugglers’.
  • Runners who like to run backwards.
  • Runners who tie a parachute around their waist, to make sure running gets even harder.
  • Runners who like to engage in some ‘shopping mall running’.
  • Runners who like to run from imaginary zombies.

My own running trend: Luggage Running

I get all inspired by these people. So I decided to invent my very own special running trend! I call it Luggage Running. All you need are your running shoes, running clothes and some luggage. To be precise: one of those suitcases with little wheels and a top carry handle.

You can even pick a trolley that matches your running clothes.

Added benefit of Luggage Running

An added benefit of luggage running is that finally you don’t have to worry where to keep ‘your stuff’ during your runs. Like your water bottle, house keys and money. You just put it into your suitcase. The possibilities of Luggage Running are endless. And don’t worry about your stuff rattling around in a big suitcase. Just use the packing straps inside to keep everything in place or use the front pocket of your suitcase.

If you take a trip you might even run to the airport instead of using a cab!

Luggage: size and weight

Luggage comes in different sizes and weights. For the confident, strong armed runner I recommend a weighty spinner case. But if you’re just starting out as a luggage runner, I recommend choosing a light weight trolley. Just until you find your footing.

Luggage: the right look

Take some time in choosing a suitcase that matches your personality. Some suitcases just scream ‘Granny!’ Like this one:

trolley suitcase sets for your Christmas list

Granny look

Now compare the Granny trolley to this one:


Hot look!

See the difference?

Put some luggage on your Christmas list

I’m hoping to get Luggage Running into the Olympics soon.

In the meantime, don’t forget to put trolley suitcase sets for your Christmas holidays on your wishlist for Santa!

Running body = like a radiator

running nonsenseNow that it’s Autumn and temperatures are dropping, I’m once again struggling with that all important life question: ‘What to wear?’

As a runner I’m a lot like Goldilocks: I don’t wanna be too hot. But I don’t wanna be too cold either. I want to get my body temperature júst right! I have this rule of thumb that when temperatures drop lower than 50 degrees, it’s too cold to wear my beloved sports skirts. So I’ll switch to capri running tights.

Human body compared to an oil filled radiator!

As I was standing in front of my wardrobe trying to figure out how to dress for my early morning run, I suddenly had a deep thought. I don’t have those very often, so at first I was taken aback a bit. In fact, I had some trouble understanding it. Here it is:

The human body is a bit like oil filled radiators for the home.’

Befuddled? So was I. But after some consideration I had to admit, it made sense.

Let me explain the comparison!

  • When you run an oil heater, a heating element at the base of the heater starts heating up the oil inside it. The oil then starts moving around and starts giving off heat!
  • The same principle applies when you start to run. When you go for a run, pretty soon your body starts heating up. Your blood flow starts moving around faster, and your body gives off heat.

I have to admit though, that’s where the comparison ends. Because unlike the oil in an oil heater, the human body cools down very quickly.

That’s when the oil filled radiator can come in handy! The oil in it, will keep you warm long after your body has cooled down.

Mittens versus gloves

springfield campingJohn ‘The Penguin’ Bingham described them in one of his books: runners who appear at a race wearing nothing but those scary I’m a Real Runner shorts, a tank top, and gloves! I’ve always felt this to be an odd combination. Why wear gloves when you’re dressed as if it’s hot. But I suppose they know what they’re doing. After all, they really are fast!

Personally I prefer mittons like these. Because then your fingers can feed on each other’s warmth. Especially when I’m riding my bike, I prefer mittens over gloves.

Unfortunately as a runner I have to carry my smart phone, and that’s a bit hard to do when I’m wearing mittens. Also, I fear I might look like a big desperate, white Polar bear who’s trying to phone home, with mittens on.