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When running hurts

Thursday, March 11, 2010
Running is well known for its wide range of aches and pains. But running shouldn't hurt! And if it does, there's obviously a lesson to be learned.

For instance: does your back hurt during a run? Good chance you're bending at the waist when you land, instead of keeping your posture proud and high. Use those tummy muscles to stay upright, and there you go: no more achy back.*

Running is like breastfeeding in this respect. After that one moment, when your baby attacks your breast like there's no tomorrow, breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. If it does, your technique could use some improvements.

Unfortunately the same principle does not apply to life in general. When life hurts, it's not a matter of improving your technique. Shit just happens.

Motherhood is a bit in between: it can be painful, but sometimes an adjustment in technique can help. I used to tear my hair out in desperation during the mornings, trying to get the kids to school. I managed to reduce my stress levels by making sure everything was in place before I went to bed. Now I get out of bed and I'm all Zen and everything. No pain and lots of gain.

Luckily running can ease the pain of living and motherhood. As you run your way across our beautiful planet, your pain takes a backseat, and you feel part of something bigger.

So when life and motherhood kick you in the butt, and hurt like hell: go for a run.

And when running hurts: just improve your technique!

* You can find more info about running without pain in Danny Dreyer's book ChiRunning!


  1. Thank you for the blog comment and now thanks to it, I have found another running blog! I have "Chi Running" sitting on my bookshelf, awaiting my attention, but so many books want my attention right now! Running books, food books, fitness books...so little time! Running, as new as I am at it, does help me with my patience parenting a teenage boy (my other one is ten...both are adopted), but maybe it is because I am so tired after a run as I build up my stamina, I just don't have the energy to argue with him. ;)

  2. I did NOT know that bit about running with back pain -- i have the Chirunning book but haven't got that far into it. I often have back pain -- I guess I should get more into that book!