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Natural fartlek

Saturday, May 22, 2010
To stave off boredom during running, would-be bored runners have a plethora of techniques available to them. The simplest method being a change of route, but you can also try some Fartlek!

You pick a point in the distance, a tree or a Starbucks, whatever takes your fancy, and then you run like hell to get to it. Then you double over, gasping for breath. Once you've regained your breath you pick another point and race towards it. Repeat till you drop dead.

But sometimes you don't have to pick a point to have a nice fartlek. Dogs can help you step up the pace! I have this special Fartlekroute, filled with scary dogs who may very well bite me, and have helped me break many a personal pr.

Sometimes I like to add some high jumps to my fartlek. Like yesterday, when I almost stumbled over a very dead cat and jumped in horror.

'Obviously someone didn't pick up the pace enough!' I concluded.

And then I shattered yet another pr, because you know, that dog may still be out there...


  1. Natural fartleks, love it.

  2. I have a few of these too. Almost used the pepper spray on one dog the other day.