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Runner's fright

Monday, September 27, 2010
I was running past a farm, admiring my beautiful surroundings, when I suddenly felt this little nudge at my elbow.

It was as if a gentlemanly waiter wanted to escort me to my table, and I remember thinking: 'Who said chivalry is dead?!' But then it hit me: I'm not ín a restaurant! And as I looked behind me, right into the eyes of a big German Shepherd my heart practically stopped.

Shaking with fright I managed to whisper: 'Go home!' to the dog, and then I ran home as fast as my trembling knees would carry me.

I haven't taken that route since, because both as a mom and as a runner, you have to choose your path wisely!


  1. Oh my god! that was really frightening. I am afraid of dogs, especially the big ones.Thanks God that your safe.And you were able to use your running skills huh.. :) ~ keen shoes ~