You can do 60 here!

We were on a family outing, taking a leisurely stroll, when my youngest son Piet (7) spotted a sign, saying the speed limit was 60 miles per hour.

'Oh, you can do 60 here!' he shouted in delight, and proceeded to run like crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if he got to 60.

He made me stop and think. It was beautiful to see: his enthusiasm and his belief he could run at 60 miles an hour! As a runner I've always been content with a speed limit of 5k per hour, but now I'm going to set my sights higher!

Sometimes you shouldn't see the limit, but the possibility!

Comments (2)

  1. How cute is he?! We often forget our body's possibilities with age. I have now been pushing myself in crossfit and see that bodies are only limited by what you are committed to doing. Your son has the right idea! Crossfit has really helped improve my running performance. It's something you should really try. Don't limit your body to just running. Maybe you will get to that 60!