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The pheasant, the hare and the stupid rooster

Thursday, March 1, 2012
During one of my morning runs, I encountered a pheasant, a hare and a rooster talking busily on a dirt path. They seemed to be doing serious business, and I 'm sorry to say I disturbed them

Because when I came near them, they scattered immediately. The pheasant took the first turn to the left into the bushes, as did the hare. But the stupid rooster was so panicked he ran straight ahead, not knowing where to turn next! All the while clucking nervously.

'Men!' I thought with deep disdain, as I ran along with that dumb rooster ahead of me. 'If I'ld had a gun he would be so easy to shoot!'
Luckily the rooster finally realized his mistake and dove into a bush. He survived, no thanks to himself!

I wonder what they were talking about. Perhaps they were hatching a plan to assassinate a chicken?


  1. Ahhhh, the joys of running in the country.

  2. Funny! I think the most exciting thing I've seen out there is a deer or a fox--your menagerie might be fun to stumble across!