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Runner without a race

Sometimes it seems as if the whole running world is training for something.

A 5K, a 10 miler or even a marathon. When I read running blogs there's a lot of talk about races run, and races that wíll be run.

And then there's me. I don't race. I run because I like the peace and quiet, and racing doesn't seem to be particular peaceful and quiet to me. Although I can most certainly understand the appeal of having a race as a goal, something to 'run' towards, I don't like having a race on my already busy calender.

I don't wánt to have to be somewhere at a certain date, at a certain point in time. As a mom of five childeren, I get enough of that already. I want to keep running separate from all that.

I want running to be something that offers freedom, a brief moment of getting away from it all.

I am a runner without a race.


  1. I'd run if I could :) away from it all ... and then back :)

  2. I like this! My dad ran for more than 20 years before running his first race.

  3. and there is nothing wrong with that! I was a runner without a race for years, and may go back to that once my kids get super busy with activities, but I do admit to loving competing in races :) but truly the best thing about running is the freedom.

  4. I ran for over 20 years without racing. Just in the last three years, I decided to set this crazy goal to run a 1/2 in every state! It's great that you're running and enjoying it!