Running and feeling shaky: how to avoid it?

Sometimes during a run I'll suddenly start to feel all weak and shaky. Even though I've only run for about twenty minutes.

So it can't be The Wall can it? Usually I blame it on not eating enough breakfast. Because sometimes I get the same shaky feeling during the day, just sitting behind my desk when I haven't had lunch yet. But this morning I had one and a half a sandwich. And still I felt faint, shaky and weak half way through my 40 minute run.

What usually helps is having a dextrose tablet. That gets rid of the shaky feeling.

But I'm wondering: what causes this feeling? And what can I do to avoid it? Any pointers?

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  1. How long after you eat are you running?
    I've personally never had this problem, but it sounds like a blood sugar problem. You might have to trial eating more protein and fat at a meal, or just play around with food to find a balance.
    If it keeps persisting I'd see a doc.