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5 ways to look good while you're running!

Sunday, July 20, 2014
As a Real Runner you're not suppose to care about your looks.

All a Real Runner cares about is getting in touch with his inner self, nature and improving his pace.

But I have to admit: I dó like to look good while I'm running!I know it's not the thing to say, if you want to be a Real Runner. But there it is.

I am vain.

And I care about my looks when I'm on the run.So for all of you out there, who care about their looks, here are 5 ways to look good while you're running!

 5 ways to look good while you're running!

  1. Wear a good sports bra. One that supports your girls, and keeps them from bouning all over the place. But make sure it's not so tight it creates little roles of fat!
  2. Make sure your running clothes let your body breathe. You're going to get hot anyway. But no need to make it worse by wearing clothes that soak up all the sweat and then keep it there.
  3. If you have long hair, wear it in a perky pony tail of braids. That way no matter how hot and bothered you get, your hair will stay in place. If you have short hair, bondi bands are your hair's best friend!
  4. If you wanna wear make-up make sure it's water- and sweat proof!
  5. Check yourself in parked cars. What else are they there for! Check yourself, and adjust clothing and/or hair as needed!

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