Moms on the run: how children influence you as a runner

Moms on the run: being a mom influences you as a runner. But how? In this article I take you through the stages of being a mom who runs!
moms on the run
Having children will influence you as a runner. Heck, it may even turn you into one! 

That is in fact how I became a runner! After my fourth child running became a way to find myself, amidst all the noise and chaos.

I've became one of the moms on the run.

Moms on the run: pregnancy

It starts as soon as you get pregnant. The first few months your stomach will still be fairly flat. But  nausea and feeling tired can wreak havoc. The second trimester is usually the period in which most women feel quite good. Your baby bump is manageable and you no longer feel nauseous. However every pregnancy is different! So these 'rules' may not apply to you.

There are women who finish a marathon while nine months pregnant. And there are women who don't feel like running as soon as the pregnancy test is positive.

Moms on the run: baby

Finally, you've gotten rid of your baby bump! But now you have a baby, instead of a bump. And whereas in your belly, your baby was well taken care of, now you have to go through much more trouble! You have to feed the baby, change him, burp him and keep him safe.

That's why for lots of moms, a baby can be a bit like getting house arrest. That's what it was like for me, when I found myself surrounded by babies and toddlers. There were nights when I would look out of the kitchen window, filled with longing for my husband to come home. And as soon as I spottted him on the driveway, I would rush out and scream: 'Your turn! I'm outta here!'

When you are a runner with a baby, you have to get creative. Maybe there are running groups where moms take turns watching over the kids. And there is of course that wonderful invention that is called a Babyjogger! That way you can take your baby with you.

Moms on the run: school age kids

Finally things are getting easier! Once your kids are in school, you suddenly get a bit more freedom. You may even be able to run during the day! And once your kid can ride a bike, you can take him with you for your run.

Moms on the run: your kid as a running mate

Sometimes your child can actually become a running mate. Kids are natural runners. So if they want to come with you, let them. However there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to running with children:

  • Make sure you don't go too far or too fast
  • Make sure your child has got good running shoes
  • It's best to run on soft surfaces, because your kid's ligaments and joints are still vulnerable
  • And most of all: listen to your child

If you're wondering when and where you can take your child with you, read my post Running with kids.

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I always ran but I didn't become serious about it until I had my second baby and needed the me time and something that was for me!

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