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Learn by example

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I was happily running along, minding my own business, when a fellow runner passed me by.

How can he run so effortlessly?

He looked like he'd just stepped out for a little stroll. While my face was contorted with effort, he managed to look as if he was having a day at the spa. But going faster than me nevertherless.

In my mind I screamed: 'It's not fair! Why should he, effortlessly, get to go faster than me! It's not fair. I want my mommy!'

This also happens in motherhood

This unpleasant phenomenon, of people who seem to perform all sorts of tasks without any effort, is also present in motherhood.

You probably all know her: the mom who manages to effortlessly juggle career, children and husband. And she does so succesfully. It wouldn't be so bad if her kids turned out to be little rascalls, but they're as sweet as sugar and spice and everything nice. Unlike your own brood...

How does she do it?!

Gritting their teeth, the Not So Succesfull watch the Succesfull, wondering 'How does she do it?' Indeed, sometimes they even write a book about it, thereby becoming succesfull in their own right, but I digress.

I'm going to learn by example

I've decided to learn from the Succesfull. So while I run and mother, I keep my eyes peeled for the Succesfull, hoping to catch them in the act of doing something succesfull and then learn by example!

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