Tuesday meme: Tooting my own horn

I'm tooting my own horn because I ran 12 kilometers in the pouring rain, all the while muttering: 'I can do this, I can do this!'

And then I did!

Running a business

All around me people are succesfully selling their stuff online. So I decided to make a quick buck too and sell my cowboy boots. They look great, but my poor toes have filed a complaint, claiming unreasonable cruelty.

I set the date for a photo shoot with my dear husband, and rucked up my skirt to show off my merchandise.

I didn't get any offers.

I did however get one email stating: 'Could you please hike up your skirt a bit higher? We can't see the boots.'

Mellow mom

I've decided to stop my belly dance lessons and instead go for a run on Tuesday mornings. This will free up my evenings.

I did enjoy the belly dancing lessons until our teacher told us to 'do whatever you want!' There I stood like a terrified bunny in the glare of oncoming traffic with absolutely no idea what to do. While all around me people were dancing their hearts out, I could think of only one thing: 'When are we finished?' Obviously I'm not cut out for a career as a belly dancer.

I prefer the solitude of a long run, where I actually líke to do whatever I want. Should I go to the right, or to the left? Shall I go urban or rural?

This morning I went both, and ran a 10 miler.

And now you can just call me mellow mom, because I'm all serene and everything. Falling cups? I don't mind.
Muddy footsteps on my kitchen floor? I shrug it off.
Cereal on the ceiling? I just smile.

There's nothing like a ten miler to give me a feeling of peace and tranquility.
Or feeling too tired to talk or walk or care anymore.

Who's in charge?

Sometimes I look around me and I see these five lovely children, and I can't help but wonder: who in heaven's name left mé in charge?!

Who is this irresponsible person and where can I find him or her, because I'ld like to have a word!

Running scared

As a child I just loved the books by Astrid Lindgren. In my mind I played with the children from Bullerby, lived on Seacrow Island and had adventures with the Lionheart brothers. So when I saw a dvd-box with the complete works of Astrid Lindgren I grabbed it and happily ran to the cash register.

Then the dvd-box just stood there for a while, gathering dust. Until this afternoon. In a surge of desire to be a Good Mom I announced: 'Let's play Let's go to the movies!, and we'll watch the Brothers Lionheart together!

The kids and I gathered on the sofa and watched both Jonathan and Karl dying and then go to the land Nangijala, which must be the most beautiful land anyone has ever seen. With lots of trees with cherry blossoms, and gently sloping hills and small brooks. Indeed it would have been paradise if not for that big bully Tengil, who spoiled everything with his big fire breathing dragon.

But while I, as a child, shook from fear from seeing that big dragon my children just laughed.

'Is that dragon made from paper mache?' my son John giggled.
'It's sooo fake,' his little sister agreed.

Next time I'll watch it with my husband Floris.
At least he runs scared easily!

The world is my gym!

One of the things I like about running is the cheap thrills it gives me! In the gym that is the world, I regularly find new and exciting new routes, which give me that great feeling of boldly going where no one has gone before.

I named my newest route after Granny's in honor of the Granny's where I grab my cup of coffee after 5 kilometers.

There are lots of things to see on the way there. I pass the train station, run through a residential area, and then on to a road which is very fittingly called 'Sports Road'. And it really is very sporty, because it's surrounded by playing fields with children playing hockey and soccer while their parents stand on the sidelines watching. This gives me an extra thrill from the joy of nót being one of thém.

Then on to a little harbor with lots of parked boats, over a footbridge and then there it is, my goal for the day: Granny's.

And as I run towards it I can already smell the coffee and freshly made apple pie.

There really is no better gym than the world itself!

Running lessons

The Dutch publisher of Anna Fels' book Necessary dreams: Ambition in Women's changing lives asked me to review this book, saying she was really interested in my opinion! So I was all flattered and everything and told her: 'Of course! I'ld be happy to review it!'

So now I'm reading it and I find it very hard going indeed. My mind is groaning and moaning with effort, begging me to stop and read something a little easier. Preferably a children's picture book.

There I was, ploughing along when suddenly it hit me: reading this book is a lot like running! In both cases I want to, but also I really, really don't want to.

So I decided to apply the principle of running programs to reading this boring book: divide the task at hand into little managable pieces! The book consists of fourteen chapters, and I've decided to read two of them a day. That way I'll finish it in seven days.

Suddenly it's not so daunting any more.

Isn't it wonderful how the wisdom gained from running applies to life in general?!


'Sunglasses, oohoo, to hide behind,' sang Tracy Ullman.

I certainly like to hide behind a pair of sunglasses while I'm running. It's much better if the world can't see my longing to take a break.

Also, it gives me a pleasant sense of being invisible. So when I see some men coming towards me shouting the inevitable: 'Can't you go any faster', I can pretend I didn't hear them.

Hm, maybe I should start wearing them around the children.


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