I always felt it was a great injustice when people told me running wasn't enough. And that, as a runner, I should also do so some crosstraining.

It's not fair! I'm dóing it aren't I?!

I felt like I was finally participating in a hurdle race, and I had réached the final hurdle. And then they go and put another one up!
But in the end I succumbed.
I bought myself an elliptical machine. 

Because if I was going to crosstrain, I was going to do it in style! Which in my case meant on a rickety Elliptical Machine I bought for 45 bucks at a local thrift store.

And I have to admit I kind of like it!

So for this Friday Five I decided to share 5 things I've discovered about crosstraining  on an elliptical machine.

elliptical bike
My rickety elliptical machine!

5 things about crosstraining on an elliptical machine

  1. It's boring as hell! But that's alright, because that way it will calm your mind even more than a run would.
  2. Because it's so boring, I only do it for 10 minutes at a time. And I do it after my run.
  3. Because my elliptical machine is on our balcony I feel the freedom to go all out! I work out much harder on the elliptical machine than I do on a run. Because I'm already home. So it's okay if I can't walk afterwards.
  4. I like going backwards more than going forwards. It feels easier!
  5. I like that my arms are finally getting a workout too. I know this, because they keep asking me to stop.
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