You an still go for a run!

Though the world has come to a standstill, thank God you can still go for a run.

And I for one, am very greatful for running.
It helps keep me sane in a crazy world.

How are you doing in these worrisome times?

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Getting paid if you go for a run: how I earned 20 euros in 30 days

When I first read about this app that would pay you to go for a run, I didn't pay all that much attention. After all, it sounded a bit too good to be true. Getting paid to go for a run? I wish!

But then I read about it again, and this time I started to pay attention.

Because someone wrote that it actually worked, and how her husband had really made some money by exercising.

And since the app was free to download, I figured: 'Why not! I'll just try it, and see if it works. I've got nothing to lose.'

Also, since I run six days a week I thought it shouldn't be hard for me to earn points.

I earned 20 euros in 30 days with the Vitality app
I installed the Vitality app on my smartphone on February 24th. I then discovered I had to pay a monthly fee of 3,50 euros. But by then  I was all motivated to put this app to the test, so I grudgingly paid.
You do need some kind of activity tracker to earn points with the Vitality app, but luckily I already wear a Fitbit Charge …

When the going get tough, you can always go for a run

In these times of social distancing, and worry there's one thing you can alway count on.

And that is running.
All you have to do, is put on your running shoes.

Don't feel so good? Go for a run!
Running is like a dear friend who's always there for you.

So if you're feeling down, go for a run.

I promise you, it'll make you feel better!

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Corona proof sports? Why running of course!

Due to the corona virus, measures have been taken to make sure it stops spreading. This means among other things, large gathering places will be closed. People are encouraged to avoid crowded, enclosed spaces whenever possible.

Like the gym.

Major races have been canceled.

But if there's one thing about running that's so great, is that you can still run!
You can still go for a run
I've said it many times before: running is like a patient friend, who's always there for you. So in these times of crisis because of corona, you can still go running. In fact, it will boost your immune system!

No, it will not make you immune to the coronavirus, but it will make your body stronger should you catch it. So you have a better chance of bouncing back quickly.
Besides that, if you're feeling stressed out and worried about the corona virus, running is a great way to alleviate some of that stress. Use your anxiety and adrenaline as fuel for your run.

You'll feel better afterw…

Running in novels: The Rose Petal Beach

Finally I've found a novel again that mentions running! It's been a long time.

The Rose Petal Beach
The Rose Petal Beach is a novel about 3 woman. But mostly about Tami. Tami is married to Scott. Together they have 2 daughters. They seem to have a great life together. But then Tami's best Mirabella friend accuses Scott of attempted rape. And Tami's life unravels.

Running fragments in The Rose Petal Beach
In this first fragment Dorothy Koomson paints a picture of those familiar feelings every new runner encounters!

How did I manage to get talked into this? I'd asked myself many times of the last few runs. I never had a definitive answer: it was something to do with fun, and enjoying being around Miarabella and her energy. Putting one foot in front of the other was a challenge that I'ld never set myself but I was enjoying on many levels - most of them masochistic.
I stopped, placed both palms on my grey jogging-bottom-covered thighs and heaved as much breath int…

Inspirational running quotes you haven't heard before

Inspirational running quotes can be a big help to keep you motivated. Or to get you motivated in the first place.

So here are some inspirational running quotes that are sure to inspire!

I've been a runner for 13 years so some of these inspirational running quotes are mine!

Inspirational running quotes by me
It's hard to feel down, after a good run.Running is like a friend. It's always there for you. All you have to do is put on your running shoes, go outside, and there it is. Just waiting to make you feel better.Running doesn't get any easier. But deciding to skip a run gets worse and worse.As a runner, the whole world is my gym!If I run for an hour I can have a Big Mac, without the consequence of getting fat!Running helps you find yourself.
Inspirational running quotes by great minds and runners! I've added the name of the person who said it. If no name is mentioned, that means I don't know who said it!

Are you ready? Here they come. The inspirational running q…