Tapering is the time, when after months of training, you take it down a notch. 

You slow down. 

You run less.

Tapering isn't as much fun as it sounds

You'ld think tapering would be a welcome change for runners. But you'ld be wrong. Tapering can be quite a trying time. After spending so much time running, it's hard to pull back.

And that got me thinking.

How does tapering apply to motherhood?

Is there even such a thing as tapering for moms?

Tapering for moms?

When the kids went to elementary school, for one whole day I thought my tapering time had begun. But then the school newsletters started pouring in, with all kinds of requests to help out at school. My eldest daughter is now 18, and my youngest is 10.

There have been times when I thought I could start tapering.

But then something would happen, and I would have to go full throttle again.

So now I'm  a bit worried.

It may very well be that my taper time will come when I'm dead.

How do you feel about tapering? And do you taper as a mom?
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