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jim fixx

I was happily running along when I felt this little pinch in my left shoulder.

What kind of music do I want for my funeral?

Within minutes I was convinced this was the end of me, and wondered which songs I wanted to be played at my funeral.

Is this how Patrick Swayze felt in Ghost?

Also I wondered if this was how Patrick Swayze felt when he turned into a ghost in the movie Ghost, and he didn't know he'd turned into a ghost. What if I had turned into a ghost, but I just didn't know it yet?! I mean that would be really bad!

And how about Jim Fixx?

And how about Jim Fixx?! He loved the run and wrote one of the books that go me to run. Didn't he end up dead on the side of the road because he had a heart attack?

Anyway, at the end of my run I'm not sure if my body got a decent work-out.

But my mind definitely did.

It ran all over the place.

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