running shoes cheap

Running shoes can be expensive. Especially if you need a certain type of running shoes because of your running style.

Buying new running shoes once a year

I have to buy new running shoes about once a year. After a year of daily running they show wear and tear, and I start feeling little aches and pain. I consider those aches and pains a warning to take a closer look at my running shoes

Buying running shoes online

I always bought my running shoes at the same store every year. But this year I decided to try something different to save on running shoes.

I googled the brand and model + my size running shoes.

I wouldn't normally buy running shoes online

Normally I would never buy running shoes without trying them on first, and getting expert advice. But since I  know exactly which kind of running shoes I need, I used that information to get my running shoes cheaper.

Normally my running shoes cost 149 euros. But I found them online for only 99 euros. Look, here they are:

Who cares that they're last year's model and colour. They're ugly as sin, but so are this year's models.

Summing up: how to save on your running shoes

The next time you buy a new pair of running shoes, make sure to take a picture of your shoes and the box they came in. Like this:

You're gonna thank yourself later!

Once your running shoes have proven to be a good fit, you can use this information to buy the exact same running shoes for a much lower price a year later.

Nike, Asics, Saucony etc. are constantly creating new running shoes. So if you don't mind wearing last year's model running shoes you can save a lot of money.

How much do you pay for your running shoes?

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