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sports skirtsSports skirts, also sometimes called skorts, used to be mostly associated with the game of tennis. But luckily for us female runners, we now have sports skirts too! They're called running skirts, and as far as I'm concerned they're the next best thing since sliced bread.

Because running skirts do what running tights won't: they hide all the things you don't want the world to see. Like your camel's toe, or the fact that you shouldn't have had that second Big Mac last Friday. Whereas running tights show off all your wobbly bits, running skirts skirt around them!

Sports skirts

Sports skirts are little skirts made out of a special fabric that has 'wicking' power. It's a fabric that will transport all your sweat away from you body. You can recognize these types of fabrics by terms like 'climacool' and 'drymax'. They're the opposite of cotton, which will only soak your sports skirt. Cotton is not recommended for runners, because wearing a clammy shirt might make you catch a cold.

Apart from their fabric, you can recognize running skirts by their hemline: they're quite short! But that's alright because they're sports skirts! They come in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes. There are no nonsense sports skirts, and frilly, flirty skirts.

Kinds of sports skirts

The most wellknown sports skirt is of course the little tennis skirt. They're cute, they're short and I like them! Tennis skirts have been around for quite some time, but it wasn't until 2004 that running skirts became more common. 'What happened in 2004?' you may ask. Well, it was in 2004 that Nicole LeBoom won the Ironman Wisconsin while wearing a running skirt.

Running skirts: a sensitive issue

Nicole then went on and started her own business SkirtSports and put sports skirts made for running on the map for good. But it wasn't all plain running, because somehow running skirts stirred up quite a controversy! One might say almost similar to the controversey about breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding!

Personally, I don't get that! Women have been wearing tennis skirts instead of tennis tights or shorts for ages. What's the difference?! But apparently there's a big difference between women playing tennis and women running. Luckily everyone has calmed down since then, and running skirts have almost become mainstream.

Running skirts: objection!

One of the objections made against running skirts, was that they sent the wrong message and women wearing running skirts weren't 'Real Runners'. It was even suggested women wearing running skirts were hurting the image of running, if you can believe that. The supposed message being: 'Hey look at me! I'm a girl! I care more about my looks than about my running.' But ask any runner wearing a running skirt, and she'll tell you that's not what she's saying at all. Last but not least, critics said a runner in a running skirt might be mistaken for a woman playing tennis, who got lost!

Running skirts: pros!

People who like running skirts say they make women feel good about themselves, which helps them become better runners. This definitely applies to me! When I'm wearing my running skirt, I feel like superwoman. I like the way it makes me feel and look.

I've heard lots of women wear running skirts in their daily life as a mom. For example to go grocery shopping. Now that is something I wouldn't dare, but I applaud those who do!

Sports skirts and running skirts: brands

Since Nicole le Boom started her running skirts business, lots of 'regular' brands have started producing running skirts too. Like Nike and Asics.

But they can't beat the specialized running skirts brands like Lululemon, SparkleSkirts and Running Skirts. I've got a sparkle skirt and a running skirts skirt.

Running skirt events

In spite of the fact that skirts can be a sensitive topic, there are actual running events featuring running skirts. SkirtSports for example organized the Skirt Chaser 5k Race Series , with the catchy slogan: 'Catch us if you can.'

Running skirts: prices

Unfortunately most running skirts don't come cheap. That's why I usully buy mine on eBay. If anyone knows a place where you can get good running skirts cheap, please let me know!

Running skirts: what's important

There are three kinds of running skirts

  1. Running skirts with short tights

  2. Running skirts with panties

  3. Running skirts without added pants

I once accidentally bought a running skirt without any pants, and it just didn't feel right. I felt too exposed.

Running skirts should have

  • Tights that don't ride up. My best running skirt in this department is my SparkeSkirt, followed by my red Asics skirt. My Gore Running Wear skirt unfortunately scores the lowest.

  • Running skirts should come with pockets! Preferably on the tights.

  • Running skirts should be made from high tech fabric.

On a sidenote: there are also running skirts that come with capri tights, and even longer tights.

The perks of running skirts

The biggest perk of running skirts is that they're way more flattering than tights. Tight tights make me look like a sausage. I prefer to wear a running skirt over my tights. Another perk is that I feel I can take my kids to school in my running skirt, without looking like a fool.

Running skirts drawbacks

The biggest drawback of sports skirts that I can think off, is that they're relatively expensive. Another drawback may be that people don't take you seriously as a runner, though I have no personal experience with this phenomenon.

Sports Skirts: summing up!

Sports skirts are a great invention. They're not only practical, but also flattering. Unless you're a Real Runner, or a perky seventeen year old, chances are you look better in a running skirt than in running tights.

Where to get your sports skirts

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I have a bunch of tennis skirts but haven't ventured to the running skirt. I really need to try them out. I think I will buy one today!

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