Is there a caste system for running clothes?

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When I first started running, like so many others, I put on an old t-shirt from my husband, and some once white jogging pants. My whole outfit screamed: 'Don't mind me, I knów I'm just a beginner!'

Real running clothes 'above my station'

At the time I felt real running clothes, the wicking kind, were 'above my station'. My station being: Beginners Central. I didn't want to be one of thóse runners. The ones who dress like the Kenyans, when really they huff and puff their way through a onemiler. I felt I had to prove myself as a runner first.

Do not apply beginner's humility to your shoes

Unfortunately I applied this humbling principle to my shoes too, which were an old pair I found at the back of my closet. Before long, my knees started acting up, so I got myself a pair of real running shoes way faster than I ran at the time! Because being humble is all very well, but as a runner you shouldn't skimp on your footwear.

Real Runner's Station

I've been a runner now for ten years, and I feel I have reached the point of Real Runner's Station. I allow myself cute running skirts, and wicked wicking tops. I no longer feel they are above my station! But I have no illusions, nor aspirations, to reach the highest running caste, that of the Kenyans.

Because I don't like their outfits!

Do you feel there's a kind of 'caste system' for running clothes?
What was your very first running outfit like?
And what do you wear now?


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Yes I have upgraded mightily as well, no more cotton shorts and tees, or sweatshirts, it is all technical now and about looking cute at races.

Melanie, said...

This is so funny and so true . . . I ran in old, t-shirts and sweatpants when I first started because I do didn't want to be a "runner," but just last week bought my first running skirt and only wear "official" running clothes now :)

Nicole Orriëns said...

Good for you! It's strange how you kind of feel like you have to earn the right to wear 'real' running clothes isn't it?

Unknown said...

Yes, you are right, We should not apply beginner's humility to our shoes and as a runner we shouldn't skimp on our footwear. Thanks

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