Running with tears: how running can help you cope with grief

Running and grief

Op April 26th my father died. 

He was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago, but it was only these last few months he really fell ill. And even though I could see the end coming, somehow it still took me by surprise...

In the aftermath of his death there were a lot of things to do, like organizing his funeral.

I'm not an extroverted person

I'm not an extroverted person.

I found all the busyness that came after my father dying very hard. I yearned for some peace and quiet and the chance to think about my dad, and my loss.

So I made sure I went for my daily run.

And it helped!

I love that about running.

Running helped me cope with the death of my father

It's always there for you. All you gotta do is put on your running shoes and run.

During my runs I felt my mind calm down, and even though I felt grief about my dad dying I also felt close to him. It was like I could see him in the sunlight that was shining through the trees, in birds, in the murmur of a brooke.

It really helped me.

It still does.

The loss is still fresh, but I know I can always go for a run.

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Christie Hawkes said...

I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you are supported by the happy memories and the realization that your father lives on in you in very real ways. I too found solace in running after the death of each of each of my parents and my little brother. I had a powerful experience running very shortly after my brother was killed and suddenly being surrounded by butterflies and a feeling of his presence. Anyway, keep running. My you find peace and joy.

Nicole Orriëns said...

Thank you very much Christie. And what a beautiful experience you had, with the butterflies!!!

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