Go with the flow

This morning I stuffed my two youngest in the car to take them to school, so I could drive straight through, to my ChiRunning lesson ten miles further.

Hastily I started the car, or should I say tríéd to start the car, because all the car did was mumble: 'Phrrrt,' and then flatlined.

This wasn't the first time the stupid thing did this. And while my body does this all the time, I can use my willpower to get it started. Unfortunately my car doesn't respond to willpower. Only a mechanic can bring it back to life when it's like this.

I tried to decide my next move, and decided first things first: I had to get the kids to school. It's hard to think with two squabbling kids in the back anyway! So I started the tedious process of getting them out of their car seats, and marched them to school. Then I galopped back home, where the car stood, still stubbornly silent.

I gave it some mean looks, and decided there was nothing for it: I had to call and tell my ChiRunning instructor I wasn't going to make it. There I stood, all dressed up for a run, with no where to go.

Then I remembered something my ChiRunning instructor said: ChiRunning is all about going with the flow, about adapting to what the road ahead of you offers. You shouldn't fight the road, a steep hill or some icy wind: you should work wíth it.

Strenghtened by this thought I decided to work wíth this setback and to use my sudden free time to go and get a cup of coffee in the city.

So I got to practice my ChiRunning after all.
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  1. sucks about the car, but well done going with the flow!

    ou shouldn't fight the road, a steep hill or some icy wind: you should work wíth it. I love that, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job on keeping such a positive attitude! I hate car problems!

  3. Neat! See Chi Running is already helping...it's helping me too! I needed to hear that message today, thanks! Keep those Chi tid-bits coming!

  4. I really need to look into this chi running thing, it sounds great!