My body is begging for it!

Lately my body has been begging me to go out for a run. Dumbfounded I feel this urge to run and this inexplicable desire to change into my running clothes.

At first I didn't recognize the feeling. I'm used to my body whining and complaining, and moaning: 'I wanna lie down!'
'I'm feeling really antsy today,' I told my husband. 'Probably had to much coffee,' I decided.
Somewhere in the past nine years something has changed. Is it possible my body has become used to regular runs, and is now actually asking for it?

Suddenly I don't need to threaten myself anymore with scary diseases, or bribe myself with promises of candy bars, I happily run out the door.
'Do what comes naturally,' I mumble to myself as I surrender to the desire to move. And I ask my body: 'Are you happy now?'
By way of answer my body skips merrily, and I feel the antsy feeling disappearing with every step.

Of all surprises running has brought me, this must be the biggest.
I've actually grown to love it.
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  1. oooh I hate that antsy feeling! Running withdrawls, haha!

  2. This is my first visit and I really enjoy your style :) ...I'll be back! Must be so nice to need to run...I'm addicted myself, but still need a good kick in the butt quite regularly :)

  3. it's such sweet relief once you get back out there!

  4. I am so proud when I rarely get that feeling, it means my habit has been building up. I too try to do what feels right as much as possible.

  5. Congratulations on your addiction! I LOVE that feeling! Also, thanks for the music's awesome!

  6. I wish I had ever felt that way. **sigh** Maybe one day.

  7. Well, it took nine years for me to have this feeling!

  8. I'm glad you shared your blog address - I feel the same way too.. I went and got a run in today before the ice storm hit because I knew I'd be going nuts in a couple of days!

  9. LOL - I get running withdrawl too. There have actually been days when hubby has said, "You're really cranky - why don't you go out for a run?" - then I hit him and go run anyways :)

  10. I'm addicted myself, but still need a good kick in the butt quite regularly

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