As a runner, dogs and their owners are the bane of my life. Especially dog owners who have their dogs on one of those extendable leashes, which they only use to extend. Nót to pull their sex crazed dog back when it's starts humping my poor innocent legs.

But apparently things can get worse, because today a dog tried to get a whiff of my crotch, and its male owner said: 'Don't do that boy! It's probably real nice, but it's not allowed.'

I was stunned by such ungentlemanly behavior.

With such an owner, you almost can't blame the dog.

I blame both.


  1. You have GOT to be kidding me, right? OH NO, tell me this really did NOT happen, what the owner said. Holy Dog Snot!!! That is unbelievable. WOW.

  2. I can't believe somebody would say such a thing!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! I thought I had seen it all...but wow...that is crazy! I HATE the extendable leashes too...especially when owners let their dogs chase after me.

  4. I don't like (most) dogs . . . really, what are you finding out by sniffing my crotch? Don't *TELL* anybody!! A for the owners, I don't like most of them, either. Both of them, BEHAVE YOURSELVES!

  5. OK, that was gross!! Yech! I can't believe a guy would say that!! Rude!

  6. That is terrible! I hate the extendable leashes too. Worse are owners who don't have a leash on their dogs and they run after you for a quarter mile or so.

  7. Eeewww, I hate it when dogs do that. I got your email....what does it mean to trade links? I'm a little technologically challenged.

  8. Ick! Amazing in this day and age, I must say!

  9. That's bad! I just found your blog...can't wait to read more.

  10. Yuck--can't believe that joker said that after his dog sniffed you up!

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  11. HOLY CRAP! That is THE craziest dog/running story I have EVER heard. What a perv. I'm with you on the dog thing. My peeve is when the owner lets the dog run up to you while yelling- "It's ok, he's freindly" Frankly- don't care if he is or isn't- it's just plain rude.
    Love your site! Funny stuff!


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