Running Routes

I start all my runs from our home. This means I have never gotten further than twelve kilometers from home. After all: I have to be able to get back!

I run in circles, squares, loops, rectangles, and when I feel really naughty: in a triangle! Some routes are quiet, with nothing but me and nature, others feature cafes and restaurants.

I do my long runs (16 kilometers) on Sundays, because then my husband is home, and I get to stay out longer. Tuesday and Thursday mornings I run 8 kilometers, and Friday afternoon I run 5 kilometers with my son Jan (13).

My running routes

Tuesday run: 8 kilometer
(running in circle)

Thursday/School run: 8 kilometer
(running in circle)

City Centre Run: 8 kilometer.
(5 km to the city centre, coffee break at Granny's, 3 km back home)

Westendorp Run 16 kilometer
(8 km to the pancakehouse in Westendorp, coffee break, 8 km back home)

MacDonalds Run 8 kilometer
(5 km to MacDondalds, coffee break at MacDonalds, 3 km back home)

't Onland Run 8 kilometer
(5km to this nostalgic restaurant, coffee break at 't Onland, 3 km back home)

Groot Nibbelink Run 15 kilometer
(12 km to this farm house that serves coffee, coffee break at Groot Nibbelink, 3 km to train station)

Zelhem Run: 10 kilometer
(5 km, coffee break at canteen of swimming pool, 5 km back home)

Terborg Run: 16 kilometer
(8 km, coffee break at de Roode Leeuw, 8 km back home)

Braamt loop: 16 kilometer
(8 kilometer to Braamt, coffee break at cafe Oldeboerderi-je, 8 km back home)

You can probably tell, I do love my coffee breaks!

How many running routes do you have?
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Running review: Asics running skirt

Asics have added their running skirt to the mix. It costs about 40 dollars.

Is it worth its price?

Yes it is! If only because of its lovely color. The skirt consists of compression tights and a skirt. The material is very soft so it feels nice, but that same softness does show off your underwear causing pantylines.

The compression shorts seemed a bit long at first, but as soon as I started running they hiked up. Fortunately they stopped hiking halfway up my tighs, and were great at keeping my tighs from rubbing together.

The skirt is quite short, but because of the compression tights I felt safe and covered quite decently.

I tried running commando style, without any underwear to avoid pantyline, but that didn't run too well. So I have to recommend wearing underwear in this skirt.


A great little skirt, especially because of the option to draw them tighter in the waist.

All in all a great, and not too expensive buy.

From the back:

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Running makes you feel like you can do anything!

Like slay your own dragons!

Wordless Wednesday
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Slow witted

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I was running along with my son Jan (13) through a nice parc. We were on our way to MacDonalds for some much needed refreshments. It was very hot, and we ran from shadow to shadow.

We passed three men, sitting on a sunny bench, dressed in long jeans. They looked like wilted flowers, desperately in need of some shadow, but that didn't stop them from being 'funny'. One of them shouted: 'Hey, don't you know it's way too hot to run!'

'Oh yeah?!' I shouted back. 'It's also way too hot to sit on a sunny bench in those long jeans!'
But that was fifteen minutes later.

Because I'm about as quick witted as I run...
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Running Benefits: Go figure

After giving birth to five kids...

Wordless Wednesday
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Review: Gore Running Wear Running Skirt

I'm a big fan of running skirts! I think they're the best thing since sliced bread, because they kindly hide your bulges. So I'm delighted to announce a review of a Gore Running Wear running skirt.

Gore Running Wear skirt: compression shorts with a skirt

The Gore Running Wear skirt consists of compression shorts and a skirt. The skirt is quite loose fitting, and not too short. I even dared take my kids to school in it!

The compression shorts rode up a little bit, but still prevented my tighs from catching fire. They were a bit tight, but hey, they're obviously not called 'compression' shorts for no reason!

Now, who wouldn't want to cover this up with a skirt?!

I'm very impressed with the two pockets on both sides of the compressions shorts. I could easily take my mobile phone with me, a small wallet, and my iPod. And because of the loose fit of the skirt, my possessions didn't cause any extra bulges.

But that's not all! There's a small opening you can pull your ear phones through.

The only thing I liked less about this skirt was the waist band, which was hard to find. But the manufacturers explained to me they especially made it that way, so you can choose whether you want to wear the skirt high or low.

This running skirt is the MacGyver of running skirts!

Do you remember the eighties action series MacGyver? Every episode he got into big trouble, but managed to save himself by building a helicopter from an old toilet or something. He gave a whole new meaning to the term multifunctional! I like to call this skirt my MacGyver skirt.

In conclusion: I think this running skirt is a great asset to any running wardrobe!

For more info you can visit the Gore Running Wear website!

Coming soon: my review of a running skirt from!
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Excuses, excuses!

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The only way is up!

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The good thing about Maple Syrup Runs, where every step requires a superhuman effort, is that your next run can only be better!

And so it was! After my Maple Syrup Run on Sunday, I ran a five miler effortlessly, feeling like Speedy Gonzales.

The same principle applies to motherhood. Some days are so hard they really get you down, so there is no other way than up!

Shania Twain wrote a song about this principle, which is not only great to listen to, but also great to run to!

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