I'm running on clouds

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Runner's Evangelism

When someone tells me they're feeling a bit down, or bummed out, I bite my tongue. Because I want to say to them: 'Why don't you take up running?! I guarantee you that you'll feel better afterwards!'

But I don't say it, because I know there's nothing more annoying than the converted trying to convert. No, you have to be subtle!

So I tell them how running never fails to make mé feel better. And how I used to hate gym class with a vengeance, and was terrible at it. And how, to my own surprise, I've come to love running! And how much I can recommend it to make you feel better, both physically and psychologically.

And then I wait. I've planted the seed!

Because I wish the joy of running on everyone!

Do you suffer from Runner's Evangelism?
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From smoker to marathon runner

I love the way running changes people! How it makes them healthier, more confident and happier. In this inspiring movie you see how a guy changes from a smoker into a marathon runner!

Or rather, fírst you see him as a marathon runner, and then you see him 'before'.

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Have you met the Guy with the Hammer?

Us runners and moms are all familiar with The Wall. But have you ever met The Guy with the Hammer?! Because I have!

He's the guy that awaits you round the corner, and hits you right between the eyes. He makes you feel like you wanna stop running, like you're too tired, like you can't go on for one more minute. He's the guy that makes you walk into the wall.

I've been having a lot of trouble with The Guy with the Hammer lately. My runs have been struggles. So I told him: 'You can't make me stop running. However, I am willing to go more slowly. I'll still go the distance, but I'll wálk parts of it.'
He couldn't do anything about that, so for the last few weeks I've been running, and walking.

Slowly but surely, I felt him losing interest, and today for the first time in weeks I managed to run all the way. Without walking at all.

I'm so happy I didn't give up! And next time I'll see that awful Guy with the Hammer, I'll knock hím down first!
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Gym Class in high school

This week my sixteen year old daughter had to run 80 metres in 14 seconds during Gym Class. Unfortunately it took her 17 seconds the first time, and 16.44 seconds the second time.

What can I say: my daughter reminds me of me, during my highschool years! I was terrible at anything sporty, and used to dread Gym Class. I found the best way to get through them was to keep a low profile. So I spend most of my time lurking behind the bushes, praying my gym teacher wouldn't notice me.

Unfortunately my daughter's gym teacher has noticed her, and said to her: 'You don't do any athletics in your spare time, now do you?!'
Needless to say, this did nothing for my daughter's motivation!

So I told her: 'Don't let him get to you. I was just like you, and look at me now! I'm actually a Runner!'

But that is to no thanks to my gym teacher.

How did you like Gym Class during high school?
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Nót a runner's best friend!

I was running along, minding my own business, bothering no one. Then suddenly, I jumped in fright!

Now I have only one question:

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How I love my Birkenstocks, let me count the ways

During Summer I always wear Birkenstocks, model Arizona. I love the comfort they offer, and the space and air they offer my feet.

My feet love their freedom, and my Birkenstocks provide just that. I also appreciate their no nonsense model: there's no fuss.

As a mom I love Birkenstocks too, mostly because they're so easy to put on! And just as easy to slip out of. In the picture you can see me in my Birkenstocks!

Birkenstocks are ugly?

However, my love affair with my Birkenstocks is often frowned upon. People say they're 'ugly' and not feminine. They're also very much associated with Jesus and Hippies. But I say to them: 'If they're good enough for Jesus, then they're good enough for me!'

Luckily I got some unexpected support for my belief Birkenstocks are great: they turn out to be great Recovery Sandals for runners! Who would have thunk it!

Shelly Glasgow, director of product development and merchandising says:

'The point is to provide the optimum recovery opportunity when they’re not running so that running becomes more enjoyable. Our footbed shape and construction gives runners that opportunity.

The full and roomy shape combined with the contoured cork footbed and neutral heel all combine to allow your feet to be in their natural and free form, but with just the right support. It’s not about waterproof, or rugged, it’s about free and full support that shapes and molds to your foot over time.'

So to all those people who tell me Birkenstocks are stupid shoes: 'Nènènènèè!'

Do you wear Birkenstocks?
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