Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Ways running and motherhood have changed me

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Two important influences in my life are the fact that I became a mom and a runner.

Together they've changed me as a person!

So this post is about the 5 ways Motherhood and Running changed me.

5 Ways running and motherhood changed me

  1. Becoming a mother has made me humble. Before I had children, I knew exactly how you should raise them! For example: I was never going to use a pacifier for mý kids! Right.... And toddlers throwing tantrums in the supermarket? Why, that was just bad parenting! But five kids later, I know parenting isn't all that easy. Now I give moms with screaming kids a look of sympathy.
  2. Running has turned me into a person who cares about getting enough exercise. Before I became a runner I didn't even thínk about the important of moving my body. Except from the couch to the cupboard to get me some cheetos. And a mars bar.
  3. Both running and motherhood have taught me not to compare myself to others. It's downright depressing! Because I'm not one of those great moms who do arts and crafts all the time. And I'm not one of those runners who run fast.
  4. Motherhood sometimes made me feel like my body wasn't my own. For the longest time I had squatters living inside my body too. And once they finally came out, they took their dinner straight from my body: my breasts. Running gave me my body back! It made me feel like I owned my own body again.
  5. I'm happy to say that motherhood and running made me a better and more wellrounded person! They made me a kinder person, less judgemental and much healthier!
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