Nike Running Skapri: Product Review


I'd been eyeing the Nike Running Skapris for quite a while, thinking the combination of a running skirt with some capri tights would flatter me. And I like to be flattered!

Nike Ladies Skapri: cheaper on Wiggle

But the price tag for the flattery of the Nike Ladies Skapri, would set me back about 72 dollars, and that was too high a price to pay. But then I found webshop, where they cost only 37 dollars!

So I threw them in my virtual basket, and ran to the virtual check out. A few days later my Nike Ladies Skapri arrived, and of course I put them on immediately. They felt lovely, and really comfortable. And there was this handy little pocket at the back, which closed with a zipper, where you can put your key and stuff.

Nike Ladies Skapri: running either too hot or too cold!

So all was well, but every time I went out for a run, I didn't wear my skapri! And this is why: Nike Ladies Skapri look best when worn with a little tank top, or a short sleeved shirt. But every time the weather was warm enough for bare arms, the tights were too hot. And if the tights weren't too hot, I had to wear a long sleeved top, and didn't look so good.

Yes I admit it: I'm a woman. And I'm vain.

Cut off the tights!

But then I had this brilliant idea: why not cut off those pesky tights?! After all, I had nothing to lose. So I did, and it's a big succes! I wear my new little running skirt all the time.

To sum up

The combination of a running skirt with capri tights doesn't do it for me. I prefer to only wear a running skirt during Summer, and during Winter I prefer only tights.

Do you have any experience with the combo: running skirt and tights?
What do you think of running skapris?
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How can you get your kids interested in running?

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running for children

With childhood obesity on the rise, there has never been a better time than now to get your kids more fit and healthy. So many foods which are targeted at children, such as sugary cereals and lollipops, are easily accessible and cheap, so it is no surprise to see children purchase these treats with their pocket money.

Teach your kids healthy habits

We all need a balanced diet and of course we are all allowed to have a treat from time to time, but it is also important the next generation learns about staying fit as well as healthy.

If you have recently got into running - maybe it's to shift some of those pregnancy pounds, or you just fancied some fresh air on a summer's afternoon rather than watching TV or playing indoors - then you will already know all the positive effects of taking up jogging. Teaching your kids these healthy habits will benefit them later on in life, plus they are likely to teach their kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle too.

So if you love running, then why not get your kids interested too? Here are some ways you can get them keen on going running with you.

Choose the right scenery

There's nothing more boring that running on a treadmill at the gym and staring at the wall in front of you. Instead, it's far more fun to run outside in a lovely park. Why not take your kids to parks which also have nature trails? You could combine your run with a wildlife walk, or play at the playground after a short jog around the park.

Have your kids as your cheerleaders

If you often run races to raise money for charity, then ask your kids to be your cheerleaders. They are sure to be inspired after experiencing all the race excitement and watching you cross the finish line.

Kids races

Your kids are sure to love participating in a children's run - they are normally quite short (a mile or less) and at the end they are rewarded with a T-shirt, a ribbon, or some other race souvenir. Being part of this exciting environment is sure to get them excited about running.
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I've met my Waterloo

Summer vacation

After two weeks of summer vacation our house looks like the dirt tracks I like to run on. Thanks to an unfortunate combination of kids coming in with muddy shoes and lots of spilled water.

Summer vacation conversations

'Mommy, I need new water for my watergun!'
'But I just put a whole bucket of water outside! Surely there's enough water in there to fill your watergun!'
'Yes, but it kind of fell over...'
'Well, okay then.'
'Mommy, I spilled a little all over the floor. Bye!'

Waterloo song

At first I resisted the growing mess, and mopped the floors over and over again, but in the end I just shrugged and decided: 'I'll do it when they're back in school.' And in my head I hear the first few lines of Abba's hit Waterloo:

My, my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender
Oh yeah, and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way
The history book on the shelf
Is always repeating itself

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war!

I can admit defeat

Yes people, this mom found her Waterloo in the summer vacation. But unlike Napelon I am not too proud to admit defeat!

On the contrary: I've already packed my suitcases and am ready to leave for a desert island.

You have to know when to cut your losses and try again another day.

Just like Paula Radcliffe did in Athen.
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Light footed: sometimes things suddenly are easy!

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running mom

I noticed it immediately when I ran out the door this morning: I was light footed!

Instead of my usual slogging across the street, my steps were light and airy. What a wonderful feeling!

Usually running is hard work for me

I almost couldn't believe my luck, and it made me realize that most of my runs are quite hard work. With my mind egging my body on: 'Go on then, lazybones! You can do it!' and my body angrily going: 'Yeah, yeah, hold your horses. I'm doing it, aren't I, but I don't have to like it!'

But now my body was enthusiastically carrying me along, and I almost felt as if I had to reign it in a little. After all I had many miles to go before I could sleep.

Can motherhood be like that?

Why can't motherhood be like that? Sometimes I find it hard going indeed, especially now, after weeks and weeks off summer vacation.

But today's run has given me hope!

If it can happen during a run, it can happen during parenting.
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Running during vacation: how one person's goal is another person's dead end


running during vacation
View from the top of the dune in Schoorl

One year during summer vacation, we exchanged our comfortable home for a, too small, caravan. The kind where you can't swing a cat, should you want to. However, it did give me the wonderful opportunity to expand my running horizons!

Running from Tuitjenhorn to Schoorl

After all: my legs will carry me only so far. But with a generous lift by car, suddenly I could run from Tuitjenhorn to Schoorl!

I went where I had never gone before!

So I shouted a goodbye to my children and the camping mascotte, and fled the scene. I was quite excited, because I was going where I had never gone before, exploring strange and new worlds, and I have the unfortunate habit of getting lost, even when I'm exploring the beaten path.

But without too much trouble I reached the little town of Schoorl, known for it's big sand dune, and my goal for the day. Because at the foot of the sand dune there's this lovely restaurant where they serve great cups of coffee.

Asking for directions

But having reached Schoorl I succeeded in missing the big sand dune. Luckily I found a friendly lady who gave me directions:

'You take a right, then you take another right, and then you run till you can't anymore, because the sand dune is a dead end.'

That gave me something to think about:

Isn't it strange how one person's goal is another person's dead end?

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The certainty of running


I don't always find it easy to get myself out the door to go for a run, but I always do.

Because I know for certain I won't regret it.

Motherhood and life don't come with many certainties 

And since motherhood doesn't come with many certainties, except the certainty of love, I just lóve certainties.

I don't think there are many runners out there who say: 'Gee, I wish I hadn't gone out for my run.'

So if you'll excuse me: I'm going out to take my happy run!
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Cloudy, with several clusters of storms

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running mom

I feel fed up, and generally in a really foul mood. I don't know what got into me! Usually I'm such a nice kind of girl.

Feeling bad? Go for a run!

Feeling like this calls for an emergency run of course. That's sure to make me feel better. But since I just got my period, my pelvic floor muscles have taken up residence between my knees. And I dare not submit them to the repetitive pounding of running.

Me and my bad mood

So it's just me and my very unpleasant mood. I tried some yoga breaths, but they only made me more angry and frustrated! Now I'm sitting here, malevolently pounding the keyboard.

However, this Sunday I predict a sunny ten miler and a mood to match.

Because really, I'm a nice girl.

If only I can run.
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Vamp up the run: when it's too hot to run during the day

running during summer

When streets turned into ice rinks, when show came tumbling down, I still went out for my runs.

'Is that al you've got?!' I shouted triumphantly.

'I won't let a bit of bad weather get to me!'

Mother Nature turned on the heat

But then Mother Nature turned on the heat, and my roars turned into whimpers. Because heat dóes get to me.

It makes me feel hot and irritable, and turns me into an all-you-can-eat-buffet for pesky flies and hungry insects.

So I developed a new technique:

I went vampire. Now I run before the break of dawn, or after the sun has set so I won't burst into flames from the heat.

But I'll be relieved when I can run like a human again.

Unless I run into Edward Cullen during my runs, of course.
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The perks of running with sunglasses


'Sunglasses, oohoo, to hide behind,' sang Tracy Ullman.

Wearing sunglassed during a run

I certainly like to hide behind a pair of sunglasses while I'm running. It's much better if the world can't see my longing to take a break.

Also, it gives me a pleasant sense of being invisible. So when I see some men coming towards me shouting the inevitable: 'Can't you go any faster', I can pretend I didn't hear them.

Hm, maybe I should start wearing them around the children.

Don't know the song?

Well then you're in for a treat! Because it's a cute song, with a great video and you can watch it right here:


The perks of running with sunglasses

Besides being a great way to shield your running self from the world, there are other perks when it comes to wearing sunglasses during a run.

  1. Sunglasses protect your eyes against the glare of the sun.
  2. Sunglasses protect your eyes from scary bugs that try to fly into your eyes. And that can really hurt let me tell you!
  3. Sunglasses can give you a certain 'je ne sais quoi!' Or: they make you look cute : )
But my favorite perk is still that they're great to hide behind. Just like Tracy sang.

Do you wear sunglasses during a run?
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The marathon of motherhood

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running mom

As a mom you're naturally equipped to run.

Delivering a baby is a marathon in itself!

It starts with the delivery: a physical endeavour that asks a lot of your body. Just as much as a marathon would. And later, as your child grows up, many mother has to run fast to save her child from danger, like a falling cup of coffee! It's natural fartlek training!

Persistence is key

Just like running motherhood requires persistence. Of course you could quit halfway through, but then what? How are you ever going to get home? There's nothing for it but to plough on!

Running provides balance

Running helps you find balance in motherhood. It gives you 'me-time', a sense of self, confidence and a healthier body.

And hey, you can eat that box of chocolates, since you'll burn the calories right off!
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Running thoughts

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I was running my weekly 10 miler, when around mile 6 my eye fell on the gras shoulder beside the bike path.

I felt it calling out to me, tantalizing, and luring me into its green embrace. Suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about how nice and soft that grass would feel.

Runner down! Runner down!

But a runner lying around somewhere in the grass, probably raises unpleasant questions so I ploughed on. But mentally I made a note, saying when home, make a sign: 'Everything's hunky dory! Just taking a little nap!'

Mama's she's lazy

I ran along, thinking about how to create my sign, when a new thought entered my mind, pushing all the other ones aside. Pinkard and Bowden's song 'Mama, she's lazy' took up residence in my mind as a very unwelcome guest.

But when I got home it was mercifully pushed aside by Helen Reddy's triumphant:

'I am woman, hear me roar!'
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