Boobs in place? Check! Face in place? Ehm....

Saturday, March 23, 2019 1 comment

'Great, an article about running myths!' I thought, expecting them to be exposed for what they were: 'myths', so I could feel all smug and go: 'Aren't I great, because I'm a runner!'

Some of those running myths are true : (

Alas! Instead of exposing them as myths, lots of them turned out to be true. Brace yourselves for some bad news:

  • running makes your boobs go south,
  • increases your chances of skin cancer
  • and your face will soon head after your boobs

I'm 'blessed' with a modest B cup and during my runs I wear one of my regular bras, assuming my girls will be well protected. However, I'ld hate for my face to head south before its time.

Face Bra

Then I remembered Elaine, the secretary in the series Ally Mc Beale, who liked to invent all kinds of things in her spare time. One of them the Face Bra!

That should keep my face in place!

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