In the long run

long run

I feel that a long run gives you the opportunity to show what kind of person you are. Or at least to try and become the person you want to be.

The long run

For me that's someone who doesn't give up. Someone who shows willpower. Someone who is strong and keeps on going when the going gets tough.

By going for a long run, I know that I'll become that person. Because going for a long run requires me to show all these characteristics.

In the long run.
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The Mom Run!

Thanks to Mapmyrun, I know exactly out how many miles I went. In neat lines it proudly appears on the map.

My body moves in neat lines. My mind does not.

But while my body moves in neat lines, my mind doesn't. To be quite honest: it bears a remarkable resemblance to my life as a mom.

Proudly introducing the....

So I'm proud to introduce a completely new type of run: the Mom Run. Also know as the All Over The Place Run.

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Learn by example

I was happily running along, minding my own business, when a fellow runner passed me by.

How can he run so effortlessly?

He looked like he'd just stepped out for a little stroll. While my face was contorted with effort, he managed to look as if he was having a day at the spa. But going faster than me nevertherless.

In my mind I screamed: 'It's not fair! Why should he, effortlessly, get to go faster than me! It's not fair. I want my mommy!'

This also happens in motherhood

This unpleasant phenomenon, of people who seem to perform all sorts of tasks without any effort, is also present in motherhood.

You probably all know her: the mom who manages to effortlessly juggle career, children and husband. And she does so succesfully. It wouldn't be so bad if her kids turned out to be little rascalls, but they're as sweet as sugar and spice and everything nice. Unlike your own brood...

How does she do it?!

Gritting their teeth, the Not So Succesfull watch the Succesfull, wondering 'How does she do it?' Indeed, sometimes they even write a book about it, thereby becoming succesfull in their own right, but I digress.

I'm going to learn by example

I've decided to learn from the Succesfull. So while I run and mother, I keep my eyes peeled for the Succesfull, hoping to catch them in the act of doing something succesfull and then learn by example!
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A shortcut!


Yesterday I sprayed deodorant behind my ear thinking it was perfume.

Today I searched the phone book for the telephone number of the children's school, looking futilely for the 'King's school'. Not surprisingly, I didn't find it, since the school is called The High Ground, and the addres is King's road.

Mommy really needs a break

So I said to the children:

'Mummy really needs a break!' 

And I ran straight to the self-help section in the nearest library. Seeing all that free therapy made me feel better immediately. I grabbed the indignant 'Why doesn't God do anything?' by Deepak Chopra, 'When life hurts' by Rene Diekstra and the triumphant 'I'm not okay, but you're not either!'

The road to love and happiness: Short version

But my best find was 'The Runner's guide to the meaning of life'.

While the rest of the world ploughs through all those thick books I've found me a shortcut to love and happiness!

And if I run I'll get there even faster!

I feel happier already!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock
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The Runs: not the way you think

I was walking the kids to school when Piet suddenly stopped in his tracks. He panicky started pulling his pants down revealing an unpleasant brown stain, giving a whole new meaning to the term 'school runs'.

Hm, something told me yesterday's runs weren't over yet.
'Eeuwh!' he cried. 'I don't wanna wear my pants anymore, I don't wanna wear my pants anymore!'


I couldn't really blame him, but in the name of public decency I said in soothing tones: 'Never mind Piet. Just pull your pants up, and we'll go home and get you some clean ones.'
Piet thought about it for a minute, looked at his brown stain and then declared firmly: 'No!'

What to do?

There I was, with four children who had to be in school within the next ten minutes, on the sidewalk . Twelve years of motherhood have rendered me too weary to mind indecent exposure so I simply said: 'Jan, Teuntje en Ot, you three go to school, and I'll take Piet home.'

I tried one more: 'Piet, pull your pants up!' but even some giggling schoolgirls 'Ooh, look at that!' couldn't sway Piet to cover himself.

Shuffling home

So I took his little hand in mine and we shuffled home together, because with your pants around your ankles you can't take very big steps. I was dressed in my running clothes because I was planning to run straight from school into the world for a long run. But with a sick child a mother doesn't get very far.

'Oh well,' I said to myself: 'At least I got to experience Piets Runs.'

Image credits: Shutterstock
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Running shows character!


Has anyone seen the movie 'Run fat boy, run'? It's about a man who left his pregnant girlfriend at the altar, and tries to prove to her he has changed by running a marathon in London.

Running: a way to show what you're made of

What I liked about this movie is the way running is portrayed as a way to show what you're made off. A way to show you can commit to something, see things through and are someone to rely on.

It's not very realistic...

Granted, the movie isn't very realistic: Dennis Doyle, played by Simon Pegg, runs the marathon without even having breakfast, and after only three weeks training.

Oh dear, running shoes as a gift?

And the way he gets his running shoes, someone gives them to him as a present, probably makes shoe experts wince. And the jokes often are a bit crass.

The message is great

But the message of the movie is great:

Running makes you a better person.

And to that, I couldn't agree more.

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Fight or flight: that's the question!

running moms
Source: Shutterstock

Falling sippy cups, muddy feet on recently cleaned floors, fist fights, spionage. These are just a few of the stressors in the life of a mom.

It's no wonder the average mom is high on adrenaline. She's always on full alert: ready for fight or flight.

Fighting is not politically correct. So that leaves flight

Fighting with your children is not the parenting thing to do, so that leaves flight. Which brings me to running.

Running is the perfect way to get rid off all that superfluous adrenaline. It's an instinctive response.

Just take your kids along for the run

'Yes, but what about the children?' you may ask. You can't just leave them on their own, can you? Not to worry: put them on their bikes and let them ride along. My son Ot proclaimed himself as my personal trainer at age 6.

As he's training me, he's also training his pokemons. He foresees a big future ahead of me, and thinks soon I may be ready for my transformation into Pikachu.

Baby's can be strapped into strollers. And if that's not an option, there's always the treadmill.

Flight, it worked for the cave women, and it works for the modern mom.

How do you cope with stress?
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To run a marathon, or not to run a marathon. That's the question.

marathon motivation

I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer, and getting more and more excited.

Why? Why would I want to run a marathon?

But this thought kept nagging me: Why? Why would I want to run a marathon. Didn't I read somewhere the human body isn't really made for distances that long?

Taking back control

But I love the psychology that the Non-Runners Marathon Trainer is peppered with: about taking control of your life. As a mom of five children it's sometimes hard to feel in control. You never know when one of them is going to fall down and hit his head or something. Or where the next 'Mommyyyy!!!' is going to come from. I would love to be more in control of my life.

I hate crowds

But then there's this other worry: I hate crowds. They make me feel claustrophobic. Then again, a mean little voice inside of me keeps whispering: you won't be in a crowd very long, what with your speed!

So I was just wondering: what motivates you to participate in a marathon? And does it have to be an official marathon? Can't you just run a marathon in silence, all on your own?

Is this a philosophical issue? If you run a marathon and no one is around to see you do it, did you do it?'
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School run


Every Thursday morning I take the children to school in my running clothes. It is of course, unfortunate people have to see me in tight lycra, but there you go.

I don't trust myself to leave the house again if I go home to change first.

Besides they don't call it the 'school run' for nothing, do they?

Are you going out for a run... again?!

Every week my son Piets teacher looks me up and down and asks in incredulous tones: 'Are you going out for a run... again?!'
Insert timid nod from me.

'But you're sooo skinny already!' she continues.

I love Thursday mornings : )

Do you feel comfortable doing the school run in lycra?
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Huh? How did I get here?


Even though I've been running since the birth of my fourth child, fifteen years ago, I still find it hard to think of myself as a real runner.

Aren't real runners lean and fast?

Because aren't runners those lean and mean people that run about in very small, wispy shorts with matching tops and a number pinned to their chest? And don't runners go really fast?

I don't match any of these criteria.

'I hate sports!' I tell friends who know me from way back when, and know my fondness for the couch. And to be sure I add: 'I think sports are stupid!'

And yet I run. For fifteen years, five days a week.

Being a runner is a lot like being a mom

It's a lot like being a mom. I've been a mom for twentyone years now, but I still often wonder:

'What lunatic left me in charge of five children and a whole household to run?!'

Because aren't mothers brisk competent women, full of confidence, who know what they're doing?

And yet I am a mother.

For twentyone years, at least twentyfour hours a day.
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10 reasons why moms should run

running moms
Running has been a lifesaver for me.

And that still surprises me. Because I never liked sports. In high school I was always chosen last in gym class, because I wasn't any good.

But running somehow struck a chord. It offered me peace of mind, when everything around me was chaotic.

And it's kept me sane during 21 years of motherhood. Which is why I would like to share all the reasons why moms should run!

10 reasons why moms should run

  1. You teach by example. By running you're showing your children a way to stay healthy and get rid of stress. This is especially good since more and more children struggle with their weight.
  2. Running means time for you.
  3. You'll gain in self confidence.
  4. You'll be healthier.
  5. You get peace of mind.
  6. You get rid of superfluous adrenaline and stress. So the next time someone spills their drink you won't go bananas.
  7. You'll sleep better.
  8. Your mind wil work better, which always comes in handy when dealing with children who are very creative in finding excuses not to do things. Like cleaning up after themselves.
  9. You're not only a mom, wife, employee, you're also a Runner!
  10. Yes, you cán eat that mars bar.

What does running mean to you?
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16 interesting facts about the price of running shoes!

price of running shoes
I think every runner knows by now about the importance of the right pair of running shoes. Unless they've been living underneath a rock.

And then they're probably at home crying because they got injured.

But running shoes can be expensive. So it's interesting to know more about the prices of running shoes.

The good people of RunRepeat did some research! They went ahead and analysed the price of 183,911 running shoes. And then they made a nice infographic of the results.

But if you're not a fan of infographics, here's a nice summary of their key conclusions.

Interesting facts about the price of running shoes!

  1. Save 38.14% ($46.19) buying running shoes online on average 
  2. Save another 19.36% ($14.50) buying last years version on average 
  3. 86% of all running shoes are available at a discounted price online. 
  4. 56% of all running shoes are available at at 30% to 69% discount online. 
  5. Best savings: Scott (62%), Reebok (53%) and Skechers (53%). 
  6. Worst savings: Vibram FiveFingers (15%) and Topo Athletic (15%). 
  7. Nike, Brooks, Asics and Adidas are discounted from 31% to 40%. 
  8. Multisport brands are discounted 12.95% more than running specific brands. 
  9. The more arch support you request, the more expensive the running shoe is. 
  10.  Competition shoes are 17.01% ($13.22) cheaper than every day running shoes. 
  11. The worse the reviews of a running shoe, the higher the discount. 
  12. Running shoes are $5.60 more expensive for every ounce heavier it is. 
  13. Best savings: Sierra Trading Post (41%), Amazon (34%) and Shoebacca (30%). 
  14. Worst savings: Road Runner (1%), Denali Outdoor (1%) and Zappos (4%). 
  15. Greatest selection: Amazon (2479), Road Runner (1320) and Zappos (915). 
  16. The worse the reviews, the higher the discount

The infographic!

How much do you spend on a pair of running shoes?

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