Friday, July 13, 2018

Running after having your wisdom teeth pulled

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wisdom teeth and running
'There is no greater fear than fear itself,' the saying goes.

So I decided to kick fear's ass.

I faced my fear of having my wisdom teeth pulled. The rush of endorphins after feeling the fear and doing it anyway,  feels almost as good as a long run!

Having your wisdom teeth pulled: when can you run again?

But then I was faced with an important question: 'When can I run again?' I did some research and this is what I found out. The general advice is to wait at least 72 hours before you go for a run. Some people even advise a week. And this is why:

  1. After your wisdom teeth are pulled, a blood clot will form. This is a good thing! But if you go for a run you might shake it loose. And you don't wanna do that!

  2. You may have taken pain medication which can make you a bit drowsy. It's not a smart move to go into traffic when you're not 'all there'.

  3. Because it's hard to eat with two Grand Canyons in your mouth, your body may be a bit weak. So don't ask it do strenuous things.

How I get my shot of endorphins

The hole that the wisdom teeth left in my mouth is still hurting a bit. And because I was so terribly afraid, I now feel really tired. I suppose it's a reaction to all the tension. So I haven't gone for  a run yet. I don't want to risk doing anything that might send me back to the dentist!

So whenever I miss my daily shot of endorphins, I look at my little plastic back with my wisdom teeth in it.

And then I get this nice little rush.

But still, I can't wait for my first run without my wisdom teeth!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Setting goals: what running can teach moms

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running mom
Ask any mother what she hopes to achieve for her children and the answer will probably be:

'That he'll be happy.' 

Certainly an admirable goal, but how do you go about achieving it? Isn't the goal 'As long as they're happy,' comparable with a beginning runner saying: 'I want to run the New York marathon?'

What mothers can learn from running

Here motherhood can take her cue from running: set a goal, and then chop it up in little goals, that are achievable in the short term. This will give you a feeling of succes and encouragement.

Sometimes your goal can be as simple as 'getting through the day without screaming'. Other days you can set your sights higher: 'Playing board games with the children without screaming.'

At the end of the day you can put your feet up at look back at a good day's work.

And at the end of your career as a mom, you can look at a happy child.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Crosstraining in a dress of roses

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Riding a bike is great way to get some crosstraining in, if you're a runner. And you can dress all nice and everything : )

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Good can sometimes come from bad

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While I was doing my morning run this week, I suddenly saw this beautiful flower. Now, you might say: 'What's so special about that?! I see beautiful flowers all the time!'

But this flower was growing out of concrete

Beautiful flower on ugly concrete

It was growing where you wouldn't expect it. On some ugly concrete. I believe we can learn something from this flower! And that's that beautiful things can sometimes come from something nót so beautiful.

Life lesson

If you apply this to life, it tells us that even during our hardest times when everything feels bad, there's still room for something good to grow from the bad times.

Just like it can in running. Even a bad run, can still offer something good.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Running lesson: honesty is the best policy, but lying gets you further

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running lesson

Sometimes I go for a run and my feet are dragging, I'm bored and all I want to do is go home. Those are the days when senior citizens pass me by, as do toddlers on their tricycles. A little voice inside of me keeps whispering:

'Why don't you go home! Then you can eat that big mars bar. You know you want to!'

I know that little voice and it's kind of stupid

But I know that little voice and I know it's not too bright. So I say reassuringly: 'I'll just run to that tree over there, and thén we'll go home.' And once I've reached that tree I say: 'So, now I'll just run to that lovely tree over there, and then we'll call it quits.'

Lying and cheating my way from home

This way I lie and cheat my way fifteen minutes from home and then I whisper: 'Well, it'll take fifteen minutes to get home. We might as well run.' And since the stupid voice wants nothing more than to lie down on the couch it agrees. After all: running is faster than walking.

Running lesson

Although honesty is the best policy, sometimes lying gets your further.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Running is a mom's best friend

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One of the most important reasons for me to run is the way it makes me feel.

Although motherhood comes with its own rewards, the end result, a well adjusted adult, will only be visible eighteen years down the line.

That's a lot of time...

You have to invest

Just like it's impossible to run the New York Marathon on a day's notice, it's equally impossible to pick the fruits of your work as a mom on a day's notice. Both endeavors require a long time investment. And did I mention you have to invest?

Running offers instant gratification

So on the days when the children behave like, well little children, and I'm wondering if I'm doing a good enough job, when the current results are disappointing and the future is uncertain, running gives me instant gratification and a reward for a run well run.

I am running hear me roar!

While I'm running I think to myself: 'See me run! While other people are sitting at home, I'm running. I'm doing it! I'm interesting, I'm hanging in there, even though I would like to sit down, I don't.'

For a few moments I'm not a struggling mom, I'm a runner. And when I get home, I'm pleasantly tired and I know who I am again. I no longer feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog day.

Running is like a friend, who's alway there for me. I only have to go see him!