Mile forty

Sunday, October 18, 2009
This week, on the path that is my life, I reached mile forty. I took a moment to ponder this milestone, because I may be about halfway there, wherever, or whatever, 'there' is.

And I thought back to my journey so far, going from zero miles to forty. It's been a lovely journey, generous and filled with love. At mile forty, I find myself surrounded by a loving husband and five children, friends and family.

I couldn't ask for any more.

So it is with a grateful heart and joy that I continue my life journey.
Sometimes I'm running, sometimes I'm merrily skipping, and sometimes I'm only trying to keep myself from falling.

Because that's the way life's journey goes.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Here's to 40 more fun miles (or more!)

  2. Happy Birthday, 40 is the best and it only gets better, REALLY!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day!