Do you know your pace frequency?

I was never very good with maths. But this formula I get: Speed = step length + step frequency. Easy, right? Since I'm not a very fast runner, I wondered what my problem is. Are my steps to short or don't I move my feet fast enough? Or both?

How to check your step frequency

This morning, I decided to check my step frequency. You can determine your step frequency by counting the times your left foot hits the ground during 1 minute. ( Or your right foot. Whichever you prefer). I took the egg timer and set it at 1 minute. After a few false starts when I counted both feet, I got the hang of it. One, two, three, I counted every time my left foot landed on the dirth path that leads to the kids' school. I repeated the process 3 times to make sure I got it right.

My step frequency is….

And my step frequency is: 80. Unfortunately that's not very good. In fact the recommended step frequency is 90! Bummer! So I decided to aim for 90 steps per minute. I almost succeeded. I got to a step frequency of 87. But it did not feel very nice, and I was definitely not in my fat burning zone.

Having fun with your step frequency

I did however have fun this morning! Usually I like to listen to some music during my run. But this morning I was too busy counting my steps and thinking about my step frequency. If your step frequency is like mine, way below the recommended 90 steps per minute, it can be a great motivational tool. You could try for 85 for example, and then slowly work your way up to 90.

What's your step frequency?
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  1. I know what my run cadence is, is that even the same thing (how many steps per minute aka spm). And it varies between 170 spm to 180 spm. I usually count it every month or so to keep me in check.

  2. Interesting. I wonder if a decrease in step frequency can lead to overstriding? There must be a happy medium.

  3. I am a mom who is "barely thinking about running" - lol! Still, I enjoyed your post. Thanks so much for sharing with the Let's Get Real party this week.

  4. I just started walking and strength training, this is so informative. thanks! Happy Staurday Sharefest