Menopause the ultimate body snatcher?

Do you feel as if menopause has taken over your body?

You can snatch it back.

And you want to know how?

By running!

Running helps you to regain a feeling of ownership over your own body. You can tell it to run, and it will!

6 ways to run your way through menopause

And there are other ways that running can help getting through menopause easier.

  1. Because your hormone balance changes during menopause, lots of women gain weight. Especially your waist may turn into a big fat magnet. I know, it sucks big time! Luckily running will help to stabilize your weight.

  2. Running helps to regulate your hormone balance.

  3. Again, because of those hormones, bone loss happens more quickly than it can be rebuild. But running helps to strengthen your bones.

  4. Lots of women have trouble sleeping during menopause. Going for a run before you turn in, may help you sleep better.

  5. There's some evidence suggesting you'll have less hot flashes after a run. I don't know why. Maybe it's because you get so hot during a run, you don't notice the hot flash anymore?

  6. Menopause may make you feel a bit weepy and lost. Running is great for your emotional balance.

You have to do strength training too

I'm sorry ladies, but that's the way it is. Going for a run isn't enough. If you're smart you'll do some strength training too.

Because like your bones, your muscles diminish as you grow older. Strength training will help to keep your muscles strong. And muscles help you burn more calories!

What are your experiences with running and menopause?


Pamela Frost said...

I found your blog through SITS! The icon of the woman running caught my eye! I swear I must be in perimenopause. I am training for my second marathon in 5 months and have been GAINING weight. I know I have sleep issues and my hormones are a mess. I am going to continue running but I swear I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes!

Chaitali said...

I haven't reached this point yet (in my late 30s) but this is definitely good to know. One more reason to make running and an active lifestyle a long term change instead of just something for this year!

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