Gadget mom!

I'm easily influenced....

Depending on the book on my nightstand I run like a child or like a scientist...

Book about the joy of running

For example: there was this time when I read a book about the joy of running. It told me to focus on the rythm of my legs, to let myself become part of nature. And in my mind I ran through the sunny prairy, just like Laura Ingalls.

Running like a science

But then I found another book, which treats running as a science. The author talks about optimum trainingzones, anaerobic training and heartbeats. And since toddlers and senior citizens keep passing me by I thought it would be smart to try this approach.

So I said goodbye to Laura Ingalls, and said hello to running gadgets:

  • a heart monitor
  • stopwatch 
  • iPod

And you know what the heart monitor told me? I run like a snail. No wonder toddlers go faster.

As soon as I didn't go fast enough my heart monitor beeped loudly. And apparently this was often because it kept peeping. Desperately I ran faster and faster, trying to get away from that annoying peeping sound. I never got out of town so quickly! So now I'm feeling very smug.

From now on I'll be Gadget Mom!

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