I'm running on emotions

When I start my daily run, I run on joy. When there's nothing left of joy I run on determination.

When determination is all gone I run on satisfaction for having gotten that far. Unfortunately that lasts only a few minutes, so I proceed to run on willpower and stubbornness. By then I'm sweating and my head is turning red from my efforts.

Then when I'm almost done I run on adrenaline and the annoying things that happened that day. That's the part of my run I go fastest.

And even though I've run on all kind of emotions, at the end of my run I'm all tanked up.


Lissette said...

I can totally relate to this! I don't run because my knees just can't take it, but I cycle and I go through all these emotions. Thanks for joining the #FridayFunday linky party!

Karren Haller said...

Well now, this is food for thought. I love the inspiration.
Thanks for linking on Friday Feature this week!!
Have a great week, Karren

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