Spurred on by the memory of a big bag of chips, one chocolate bar, five lollypops and hubby's plans to take a bath, I ran out the door this morning. In mismatched running attire, with only one sock because I couldn't find the other one. Once I've decided to go out on a run there's no time to lose, because any second I could change my mind!

Every sunday morning I spend convincing myself and my hubbie that this is going to be the sunday I'm nót going out to run. I tell us that I'm too tired, too overworked, and that I simply don't have to. Hubby nods understandingly and than says nonchalantly, that since I'm staying he's going to take a bath. In his case this means two hours of stewing in the bath, while I stew in the living room with all the children.

The promise of two hours all alone with five children on a sunday morning is enough to don my running clothes and break my personal record.

Motivation. You find it in the oddest places.

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