Going nowhere fast

Today I was riding my bike surrounded by the wonderful sounds and sights of Spring, when I passed a gym. They'd opened the front door, probably to catch some spring inside, and inside I saw a woman struggling on a treadmill.

Pearls of sweat decorated her brow, and there was desperation in her eyes, as she was going nowhere fast. The difference between the beautiful Spring decor outside and the bleak wall she was running towards, couldn't have been bigger.

So I shouted in sympathy: 'I know how you feel! You give it your all, and you're getting nowhere!'
She gave me a bewildered look.
So I added explanatory: 'I'm a Mom!' and I saluted her.

I could tell she really felt strenghtened by our short exchange because she ran away really fast!

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee -- that's pretty good.

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