Training programs

After successfully completing two myasics training programs for the 10-K I'm roaming the internet for a new training program. Having tasted from the heady combination of motivation and coaching a program offers, I don't want to go back to 'just run for 30 minutes, double over gasping for breath, repeat three times a week'. But it's not that easy to find a suitable training program.

It's not that aren't any programs, but most of them assume the earth was neatly divided into miles and kilometers. And guess what? It's not! Left to my own dubious sense of mileage I'm doomed to fail those programs.

It reminds me of the breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding discussion. 'Oh, it's so pleasant to know how much Baby drank!' the bottlefeeders say.
'If knowing how much Baby drank really mattered, God would have put measuring jugs on your chest!' the breastfeeders shout back.

So, since God obviously doesn't seem to think it's important to know how far I've run I need training programs that use time as a guideline. Thanks to my egg-timer I cán do those!

After searching long and hard I found a training program by my favourite writing runner, John, The Penguin, Bingham.

That will keep me busy for the next ten weeks or so. And after that, who knows?! I may train for the half marathon or something.

After all, just the sky and my mind are the limit!


Mom said...

Hi I just stumbled onto your blog and I have just started running and am currently training for my first 10k, I am like you in that I am afraid that after I am done with the race I will just be back to running on the treadmill

Kathleen said...

I like measuring my runs by time rather than miles, too, although sometimes I end up doing both.

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