Going loopy

Teuntje (9) fancied an Italian ice cream, and I fancied a run, so together we ran to the neigbouring town of Zelhem which actually boasts an Italian ice cream parlor! That is to say, I ran, and Teuntje rode her bicycle.

'And then you can run back the other way,' hubby suggested from the couch, 'so you can make your Sunday 16 kilometers!'

So, after polishing off our ice cream and a cup of coffee, I decided to follow hubby's advice and go back the other way, so as not to get bored by running the same old bike path.

Within minutes I had absolutely no idea where we were, feeling like little Hansel and Gretel, but without the bread crumbs to get me home. I cursed myself for not bringing a compass, but then I remembered I'm about as good with compasses as with finding my way. Besides: I don't own a compass, but I digress.

'Isn't this exciting Teuntje?!' I said encouragingly, as much to Teuntje as to myself. 'Quite the little adventure, isn't it?'
'Shouldn't we just go back mommy?' she replied in stern tones.
But I despise 'going back'. It's way too much 'Been there, done that, got the t-shirt'. So I firmly said 'No!' and added with more stubborness than whisdom: 'Mommy will find her way soon!'

Indeed! After about half an hour of being throughly lost I saw something familiar: Zelhem!

It turned out I was going the right way all along, but because I began to doubt myself I'd accidentally run in the direction of Zelhem again, running in a loop.

Which just goes to show: you should have confidence in yourself or you'll go loopy!

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