Conversations in the landscape

As a runner you are part of the landscape. And as a part of the landscape you hear the most interesting things!

I was doing my Granny's Run (eight kilometers to a Granny's), when two postmen cycled past me, in mandarin colored jackets.

'Don't you understand anything?!' postman no.1 exclaimed.
Postman no.2 shrugged his shoulders in a gesture of helplessness.
'Do you have any money on you?' postman no.2 continued in strict tones
Postman no.2 nodded like a good little boy.

'Well then! You just go out and buy the missus some flowers, and you're right as rain again!' postman no.1 declared proudly.
Postman no. 2 gave him a doubtful look, and I could see he wasn't at all sure some flowers would make everything alright again.
Seeing his doubtful look postman no.1 repeated his earlier statement: 'Don't you know anything?!'

Talking busily they slowly changed into two mandarincolored spots on my horizon.

Who says running is dull?!
Well I do, but it's also full of treats and surprises!

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Aka Alice said...

"Don't you know anything?" The irony there is just wonderful isn't it.

This is a great reminder to me to sometimes run w/o my iPod, so that I don't miss the world around me. I like the idea of being part of the landscape.

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