My cup runneth over

My nose is still running after a week of gritting my teeth, I got lost when I went for a walk in an area I've known for about ten years and when I went to the hairdresser at half past two, it turned out I wasn't expected until four o'clock. And I think the lice are doing a Frank Sinatra, and making yet another comeback.

Also, I just found out my youngest son, Piet (5), ate cheese puffs on my side of the bed.

I'm trying to count my blessings and bless my obstacles and have decided the universe is probably trying to send me a message. So I'ld like to let the universe know I've received the message! So please stop sending it.

Just one little question: what ís it?!


Unknown said...

don't you hate it when the message keeps beating you over the head? sometimes my message gives me a migraine!

love your blog! i'm adding you to my blog list!

Brianna said...

Agh! You don't have a secret decoder ring to decipher those messages? Me neither. I'm sure the message will be clear before too much longer . . . funny how hindsight vision is 20/20! Be sure to let us know WHAT the message is when it is clear. :) And best wishes fighting those dreaded lice!

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