They knów me!

I was doing my Granny run and making good time, so when I got there I was more than ready for my cup of coffee. I went in, inhaling the delightful smell of apple pie, and found a nice table.

I saw the waitress seeing me, but she didn't come to take my order. I waited, and I waited some more, and I began to get quite annoyed! I don't like being ignored. If I want that feeling I can go and talk to my husband!

Just when I was about to speak up, and make my presence known the waitress arrived with a hot cup of coffee and a friendly smile.

'Here you go!' she said sweetly. 'You always have a cup of coffee, don't you!'

I stammered a thank you, and was very pleased: they know me at Granny's!

The wonders and rewards of running never cease to amaze me!

Next time I'm going to run to MacDonalds, so théy can get to know me too! Can you imagine just walking in there, sitting down, and then, like magic, being presented with a Big Mac?!


Liz said...

first i'd like to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. of course they can, as long as you don't re-dip that cotton, hehe.

that made your day i'm sure ;) i have a small grocery store and whenever i do that to my regulars, i get a wide smile and a "thank you". simple things that mean a lot ;)

hope you're having a great weekend.

Moms... Check Nyo

COTY said...

Arent you glad you sat tight. I probably would of huffed out. What a sweet waitress....

Keely said...

See, this is why I was a terrible waitress. I can't remember someone's face if I met them 10 minutes ago!

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