Life is full of transitions and changes. And life as a mom sometimes overflows with it!

If nothing else, there are the many transitions your child goes through, from newborn baby to fully grown adult.

And these transitions of your child mean yóú have to move on too! Even if you are perfectly happy, just where you are. You have to come along, even if you feel like kicking and screaming: 'I'm not ready yet!'

Sometimes you didn't see the transtion coming and you have to run to catch up. Those are the times when you find yourself shouting: 'Wait for me! I'm coming!' Like when my nine year old had a little bump on her chest and I took her to the doctor to check it out, and he told me 'her breasts were waking up!' I mean: Huh?! When did that happen? Last time I looked she was just a little baby!

Through all these wonderful, sometimes painful transitions, luckily there is one constant in life, and that's running.

Running is always there. When I'm all flustered because I just put the little baby crib away for the very last time, going out for a run helps me make one more transition: from inner turmoil to inner calm!

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Marlene said...

Great post! I'm not a mom, but I also need a good run to find my inner calm after a stressful day now and then.

X-Country2 said...

Great post indeed. And for the record, my mom took me to the doctor for the exact same reason back in the day. :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post!

Now that running is established in my life, I look forward to transitioning through life with running as my constant. What a great perspective. :)

Also, thanks for commenting on my post.

Shoe Running said...

I like your angle of running through other people's (your kids) transitions. Hope your next run is fantastic! :)

Brianna said...

Ah, the transition out of the crib. *sigh* We did that not too long ago ourselves. I let myself cry for a few minutes and then thought of all the great milestones that await us over the next years . . . and the milestones that await my soon-to-be-born nephew that is inheriting the crib. :)
And, yes, a run is a great way to make those transitions easier. Running ALWAYS helps!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heartwarming post!

I love the idea of running always being there, whether my kids are in diapers or graduation gowns.

Unknown said...

New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

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